How to Gamble During BST Hyde Park Festival

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How to Gamble During BST Hyde Park Festival

Attending popular music festivals is one of the best ways to spend your vacation. You get to enjoy the positive vibes, the overall amazing atmosphere, and of course, see your favorite artists perform live. Moreover, you will meet new people, and if you like gambling, you will definitely meet lots of kindred spirits at the BST Hyde Park Festival. People from all over Europe come to this festival, and there are lots of casino fans in Denmark, the Czech Republic, Malta, Ireland, and Poland. They all enjoy playing on casino paysafecard platforms and other online gambling sites with quality payment options. So this is a perfect topic to bond over, and even get friends who live abroad.

If you plan to visit BST Hyde Park Festival and gamble while you are there then stick around. We will be going over some tips for the visitors and give you some neat ideas. Of course, you can always use the existing accounts and gamble online. Any operator available on casino online cz list is also available here, and you can reach it so long as you have an internet connection.  That being said, London also has some of the most amazing gambling establishments, so it would be a shame not to pay them a visit while you are here.  

BTS Hyde Park event can last up to two weeks and you probably aren’t going to attend every single concert. Look at the schedule online to see when your favorite artists perform and try to get tickets, if still available. In case tickets aren’t available you might have the option to purchase them from someone else who won’t be attending that day. This can often be tricky and difficult. So, make sure the seller is trustworthy before you decide to go forward with that decision. You obviously won’t get the chance to gamble during your favorite show, but there will be plenty of chances to do so on the days you aren’t attending.

Of course, you basically get these tickets months in advance due to the high demand. The tickets for 2023 concerts are already available for purchase. Some of them have already sold out. Also, some artists still need to confirm they will be performing, and tickets will become available for purchase afterward. Currently, you can still book a ticket for a few shows:

As mentioned, there are plenty of opportunities to explore London gaming hubs in between concerts, especially since your favorite artists might perform days apart. You can visit Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square, The Sportsman Casino, or even better the Park Tower, one of the best casino restaurants in the world. You’ll enjoy an exquisite meal and get to play your favorite games at the same time.

Sports Betting Options during BST Hyde Park

While you are waiting for your next favorite performer, you might want to see what popular sports events are taking place. During popular matches, users are way more active, and you might be able to find some betting options with incredibly favorable odds. At this time you’ll be able to place bets on the 2023 French Open in Tennis Grand Slam, F1 British Grand Prix, and Fifa Women’s World Cup 2023.

Alternatively, you might want to visit another festival that is taking place at a relatively similar time. One such example is The Glastonbury 2023 which will also feature incredibly popular bands and artists. This way you will have your last week of June fully booked, assuming you are lucky enough to get all the tickets you want.

Playing Casino Games at Your Friend’s House

If you have friends in London where you can stay during the concert, then that would be an ideal opportunity to throw a casino-themed party. There are some great guides on how to organize casino parties at a relatively low cost. Of course, if it’s too much of a hassle, you can just have a regular poker night and have a blast. This is great if you wish to practice or polish your poker skills, it will definitely come in handy the next time you decide to play online.

You can also practice playing blackjack. There are multiple guides to help you master card counting, and this is a skill every professional gambler relies on to make a living. You can start with a single deck of cards and then add more as you get the hang of it.


To sum up, there are plenty of ways for you to gamble during this popular festival. You can spend time at a local sportsbook or visit one of the high-end casino establishments in London.  The easiest way to play casino games would be simply to use your trusted online casino operator. But that way you aren’t really taking advantage of the fact you are in London. Finally, if you have friends there who share your passion for gambling, then organize a poker night or similar party, to make your stay more memorable.

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