How to Become a Casino Dealer

How to Become a Casino Dealer

The gambling industry has grown in the past couple of decades. Newcomers to the world of casino work are offered a lot of opportunities. However, casino dealers must meet some requirements regarding education, experience and personal character traits.

Qualifying for a gaming license is one of the final steps on the road to becoming a casino dealer. The state where the job requires the employee to handle money requires that employee have a license. Some states are more stringent than others, but virtually all check for criminal records and do in-depth background and credit checks.

The Monarch Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado, offered training for dealers to hire the cream of the class. Many aspirants study how to be a dealer at casinos one game at a time, learning everything about each game itself. They spend at least two weeks per game to reach a level of competency worthy of hire.

How to become a professional casino dealer is based on personal characteristics. Casino dealers earn tips and most of them are shared out depending on hours worked. A good dealer can make more than $100,000 a year. The skills needed to succeed in the job include winning personality and people skills.

How to become a casino dealer is based on four steps. You need to practice dealing cards until each one is instinctual. It's also necessary to develop physical stamina.

Some people expect the dealer to know the value of the pot and the exact value. If you have that sort of capability, fine, but all you need to do is accurately and quickly count chips in the pots.

How to become a casino dealer is based on developing a strong work ethic and sound character. The job is 24/7 and requires flexibility. A casino dealers must be honest and above reproach. If some of these characteristics sound like you, you could get a job at a casinos.

Aspiring casino dealers can find work in live-dealer gaming studios. Online casinos don't operate their own live games. Live online casinos contract with a reputable gaming studio. Several live online casino studios have opened in several states. They are only operational in Michigan, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Dealers at these studios still need to meet the state’s gaming license requirements and pass the studio's audition/interview process.

Some people see being a casino dealer as a means to an end, while others are satisfied with the job as-is. If you're considering becoming a dealer, the blog below will help you with things dealers should never do.

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