How To Beat Cracker Barrel Game

How To Beat Cracker Barrel Game
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If you have ever sat down at a Cracker Barrel for dinner, only to walk away because you cannot score the highest possible point on a small Triangle Peg Puzzle they left out on the table, you are going to love this. If you have, then you have undoubtedly spent at least a few minutes thinking about (and perhaps even trying) the peg puzzle games found at every table. The peg puzzle has traveled from Louis XIV’s court to the Old Country Store, and we are still enjoying the puzzle.

Technically called the Peg Solitaire, the peg game started out in Madagascar, making an appearance on top of it all back in 1697. Like the mounted whitetail deer and shotguns hanging over each Cracker Barrel fireplace, peg games are a mainstay at each location, dating back to the very first Cracker Barrel opening in 1969.

I am sure there are a lot of ways to fix a Cracker Barrel peg game, but this particular solution for a peg game is one that I am capable of working through at a lightning pace. You have to know that there are rules for understanding the Cracker Barrel Peg game if you want to win, and you may have trouble winning peg games if you do a single incorrect move.

The point of the game is to get as many putts as you can, and that gives you intelligence equal to your score. With this setup, you have 70-80% hope that you will be able to win a Cracker Barrel peg-in or a Triangles Game. Since these new ways of winning all end up having 3 pegs on the board, there is an equal amount of possible, unique games for each one.

To win the game, you have to keep making similar moves until only 1 peg remains on the board. As it turns out, each solution is exactly 13 moves, because one peg is removed every time, while the original had 14 pegs. Using the movesets I gave you above, the last 3 pegs are placed into slots C, J, and K, just like in the diagram above). Use the peg at slot 6 to skip a peg at slot 5, and use the peg at slot 1 to skip the peg at slot 3.

Players are given 14 pegs that they may lay out however they wish when they begin a Cracker Barrel Peg Game, so long as one of the holes remains empty. Peg the triangle, begin by the eyes or start by the mouth directly, and the game is played with the pegs if they so choose.

Find out how to win the cracker barrels peg game, at least each time arrange your pegs such that putting one in place 1 is allowed. Once a chosen peg is placed into a chosen new hole, the other peg must be removed from the triangle block. A peg figure may move to the hole only if another peg is placed between it and the hole it is intended for.

At first, kids play Peg pretty much randomly, jumping pegs where they see an opportunity. The game is incredibly easy, its rough wooden pieces and motley plastic pegs practically daring you to try. The basis for the whole thing is several algorithms that I have created, including one that tests the board, no matter what its current configuration of pegs and empty slots, and determines how many legitimate moves are available, and which are them. If you randomly moved pegs around, you had a 70% chance of ending up with a non-solvable puzzle in two moves. The easiest way to solve this game is to do one legal move, then do another legal move, and continue doing this until no more moves remain.