How The Ban Of Demo Play Has Affected The iGaming Industry

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As the name indicates, a demo play enables consumers to try a game without wagering money for it. The service providers in land-based and online casinos allow gamblers to try out playing without investing real money. The demo helps players identify their potential in a particular gambling game. Gamblers in demo play also get the leverage to understand betting strategies without paying for the spins in online and physical casinos.

Players opting for demo play are welcomed in many casinos. Casino developers understand that beginners in gambling are reluctant to use real money on new games. Gamblers worldwide can usually play demos in land-based casinos and on an online slot machine. Furthermore, as many casinos require users to open gambling accounts with their physical or online casino, demo play does not necessitate that either.

Despite the ease demo play brings to new gambling consumers, UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) has banned demo play in online casinos. Gamblers new to an online casino can no longer avail of demo play and free spin. Many users are still confused about this decision by the UKGC.

Let's try to identify the core reason behind the demo play ban. It is also important to find out why only online casinos will ban demo plays and why the same won't apply to physical casinos.

How has the Ban on Demo Play Affected the Gambling Industry?

There are no obvious benefits or losses to this ban. The ban on demo play on UK slots has certain advantages and disadvantages. Many beginners in the gambling industry are often afraid of its betting strategies, spins, and how to avail the best outcomes.

Demo play was a useful tool for such players. By using gambling demo play, users had the chance to practice on free spins before investing real money in gambling. So, talking about the advantages of demo play in online casinos, it is safe to say it was a plus point for beginners.

However, UKGC has also reported multiple cons of demo play in online casinos. As users do not have to register and create an account for demo play, it is not safe for youngsters. Many unreported underage users were active on online casinos' demos. The young users were on the verge of immersion and addiction, which led the gambling commission to ban the feature from online platforms. Furthermore, the demo play ban also secures online casinos from data breaches and ensures the safety of users and casino owners.

Sustainability in the gambling industry

UKGC (United kingdom Gamblin Commission) ensures its users' and service providers' safety and data protection. However, in demo play, many service providers were vulnerable to rootkits. The UK iGaming industry decided to restrict users from online free spins and demo play to reduce any chance of security loss. Now, if a consumer is interested in playing in an online casino, they must register by providing all the required information, including their details. This step will help the UK gambling commission to keep a trace of all consumers and identify any hacker or spammer in case of emergency.

Underage consumers Regulation

In online demo play, users have the liberty to use free spins from any online casino website. Casino developers keep demo plays free. Due to this free-play option, website operators cannot track individual information. UKGC has described a set of rules for access to casino games from a certain age.

As casino operators cannot track the age of the demo player, UKGC decided to ban this feature from online gambling. Underage groups are at risk of dwelling on gambling without having complete knowledge. This can also lead to an increased number of gambling addicts from a young age. The commission is very sensitive to dealing with small age groups and aims to protect youngsters from any kind of immersion. Underage groups can easily engage in criminal activities with minimal knowledge about gambling, its rules, and safety measures.

Spammers and data breaches

As technological advancement occurs in the gambling industry, many data breaches are also active. Websites are prone to these spammers. Similarly, users are also on the verge of losing their private information, debit cards, and game money. When users operate demo play, websites cannot track who they are. Websites of online casinos are vulnerable to hackers. To protect the users and service providers, the UK commission banned the use of demo play.

Immersion among players

Immersion is one of the leading causes of banning demo play. As many young minds easily fall for gaming without complete knowledge, they risk getting addicted to it. Nowadays, virtual reality and realistic graphics are very common on online casino platforms. The youngsters get so easily immersed in the virtual environment that it's very difficult to get them out of such addiction. Demo play has been banned in the UK to avoid such absorptions among people and keep the platform restricted to registered gamblers of legal age.

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