How TAB NZ Is Opposing Online Gambling Operations?

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How TAB NZ Is Opposing Online Gambling Operations?

Gambling in New Zealand is much loved, and it is widely confirmed by a huge section of 80% of the population participating in daily gambling activities. Currently, gambling jurisdictions in New Zealand are maintained and controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs. For the past two years, the online gambling industry in New Zealand has been gaining significant importance, with over 80 million downloads and a humongous profit of $100 billion. 

It was only in 2003 that gambling was secured as being legal and recognized in New Zealand. But, there are only certain forms of gambling permissible by the TAB (Totalisator Agency Board), such as horse racing, lotteries, and pokies. Further, none of the six domestic casinos – Dunedin, Christchurch, Skycity Hamilton, Skycity Auckland, Skycity Queenstown, and Skycity Wharf can power to avail an iGaming experience. 

It led to vast encouragement among regular gamblers to choose casino sites at, which do not come into the boundaries of NZ TAB governance, etc. Overseas gambling also implies a great extent to secure the facilities of online gambling, which are otherwise blocked. 

Recently, there has been a massive hassle about releasing promotional content, which discourages regular gamblers from preventing all forms of online gambling operations or rather prevents any relations with the offshore gambling industry. Although NZ TAB has received criticism and appreciation for stepping up with such an initiative, they have made some convincing statements.

Reasons Behind TAB NZ In Opposing Online Gambling Operations:

The TAB NZ predominantly set up a promotional video featuring Dan Hooker, renowned jockeys Sheree Tomlinson and Samantha Collett, the UFC fighter Stephen Donald, Phillipa Morris, the presenter of Trackside TV greyhound racing, and the horse racing trainer Jamie Richards. These stars talk about the nation’s financial flow and why online gambling operators, as well as games, should be prevented.

The video also portrays that around $130 million is annually given to offshore gambling operations. Hence, if there is a shift to payouts circulated only in the country, it can be highly beneficial in boosting the nation’s economy. It is speculated that around $80 million in revenue can be profited annually, even after a regular check on tax, levies, and other operating expenses. 

Dean McKenzie, TAB NZ executive, believes that TAB’s success implies a colossal section of revenue, with an increase in profits for encouraging New Zealand racing and overall enhancements in the realm of the New Zealand sports curriculum. As a result, the internal economy is strengthened, and self-sufficiency is reached in implying the game of chances too. 

Besides promoting the state economy, NZ TAB also highlights the several benefits observed in the state apparatus, such as a check on problem gambling and gambling addiction. An average of 54,000 New Zealanders are direct prey to problem gambling, with over 11,000 being at low risk of it. There is a high positive stimulation on the budget, too, since an average problem gambler spends around $500 in one go.

Effects After the Promotional Video:

The campaign was indeed a great success, with a consecutive raise of $41m. This amount was directly donated to the covid-19. Further, the betting industry witnessed a profit of $28.3m, with an average net betting revenue of 3.3% and a surge in the net gaming revenue of 9.3% at $264.4m. This highly positive outcome is accompanied by a simultaneous discouragement or decline in online gambling, which was reduced by 10.6%, as confirmed by New Zealand Racing.

The Melbourne Cup, which was rescheduled due to the coronavirus, experienced a rise in the budget by almost 27.6m above the budget. Eventually, the Melbourne Cup’s entire budget exceeded $232.6m. Of the whole amount, cash handling of $26.8 million is done directly, with a stimulation of 14 % from the initial year budget. It is again contributed mainly to the revenue earned from the domestic gambling section. 


The video secured immense success and support. It could be partly accounted for by the panel of featured stars who successfully instil awareness among their followers, who try to emulate them. TAB NZ will continue to oppose offshore gambling and will surely come up with more incentives like this to minimise the losses incurred due to offline casinos. Moreover, it also aims to control the growing statistics of gambling addiction, which to a great extent holds online gambling responsible. 

This ideology and principle are indeed nuanced for the betterment of the country. Still, gamblers can hardly enjoy the variety of games if the overseas casinos supporting online gambling are opposed. In a situation as such, gamblers are indeed lucky that the state imposes no strict measures. 

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