How is AI Transforming the Future of the Gaming Industry?

How is AI Transforming the Future of the Gaming Industry?

AI in gaming means adaptive as well as responsive video game experiences facilitated through non-playable characters behaving as if they are being controlled by a human game player. Researchers have been employing AI technology in unique and interesting ways for decades.

Cloud-based gaming is becoming more and more a reality. Special gaming tablets that allow cross-platform gaming will address the issue of software compatibility of existing systems. Shadow offers cloud computing gaming.

Axie Infinity is the top play2earn game in the Philippines. It is played using a built-in marketplace. Players need to acquire three Axies to begin playing.

Darkforest3 is a computer program developed by Facebook. It is based on deep learning techniques using a convolutional neural network.

HBO created a voice-activated game for Alexa. It's based on Westworld. It topped the Alexa charts. The game is a conversation-driven game.

Oculus Quest is a PC-quality virtual reality device with four ultra-wide-angle sensors that can track everything around your head including your back.

VR gaming offers gamers a fully immersive experience. Jurassic World is an all-in-one VR experience with one IR-powered, motion game controller, one stunt baton controller attachment, and one 360 virtual reality headset.

Technology has provided more comfort and safer transaction methods to online fanatics. The internet has become a safe place to make payments. Some casinos offer fairly recent methods of payment, such as bitcoin and digital wallets.

Technology has introduced methods to cut off the chances of cyber fraud and hacking movement. Facial recognition and fingerprint recognition are some of the possibilities.

There are more than 4 billion people using smartphones. Online casinos are offering mobile versions and applications to penetrate deeper into the market. Mobile gaming is an emerging trend that facilitates a player to access an unlimited number of games with the convenience of their location.

PlayStation 4 was released in November 2013 and sold more than 100 million units faster than any other console. It has a stable of exclusives, including Uncharted 4, God of War, Persona 5 and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The gaming market is fragmented. Online games and mobile applications will attract new players to the gaming industry. Japan has set the trends since the advent of the industry and pioneered a range of genres, franchises, and studios.