How Do Online Casinos Prove They are Fair?

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Online casinos are becoming ever more popular. You simply need to head over to top comparison sites such as which promise the best bonuses from the best casinos. But how do we really know that the casinos we trust our money and information with are fair? Do we just take their word for it?

Well, no. We can see for ourselves before we even think of signing up and playing on the site. It is in everyone’s best interests for a casino to make it clear how and why they are trustworthy and fair and here are the ways in which they do so.

Offering Fair Games

When you play at a casino table, you can see the cards being dealt etc. However, online video casino games are run by software, and you need to know that the software isn’t rigged for you to lose. The way they ensure fairness is by using Random Number Generators and advising players of the game’s Return to Player (RTP) rate.

What is A Random Number Generator?

The RNG is what determines how random and fair the result of a game is. Some very complex software will use a code which generates a string of random numbers. All of the strings of numbers are independent of each other which means that there is an equal chance of winning or losing on every single spin, no matter what happened on the spin before. This is the same for online card, dice and roulette games as well.

RNG software is always separate from the casino’s web server so a casino cannot tamper with or affect the outcome.

Return to Player – RTP

Whenever you open an online casino game you will be able to see its RTP – Return to Player rate. This tells you how much of the money spent on the game is paid out in winnings over a long period of time. So, if a game states that its RTP is 96% then for every £100,000 played on the site, the casino pays out approximately £96,000 in winnings.

This doesn’t guarantee that you will win £96 if you play £100, but it works out in the longer term. In addition, this always ensures that the casino will keep 4% of whatever is played so they always have the house edge and don’t need to rig the games.

How The Games are Tested

Again, we never have to take the casino’s word for it. They can’t just put a high RTP up on their site. A licensed casino will always need to be tested regularly by an independent third party to make sure that the RNGs are working properly and the RTPs are accurate. To do this, it will test the slot or casino game millions of different times to see if it matches up with its quoted RTP. If they agree that the RTP they claim is accurate, then the casino game is considered fair and unbiased.

As well as this, all of the casino games will be officially tested before the casino is given a licence to operate legally. As such, you can rest assured that if the casino is licensed by the UKGC, its games have been tested thoroughly. UKGC are stricter than other commissions which is good for us as players.

Third-Party Testing Agencies

Although every region has its own different gambling commissions to ensure that the casinos are licensed and regulated (with the UK having the UKGC), independent third-party companies test the games for fairness. In the UK, the main one to look out for is eCOGRA – eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. This is a UK-based accredited testing company that works with the best gambling commission in the world. If the site has an eCOGRA logo on it, it’s fair!

So, hopefully, you can now spot a real deal casino from a dud! If you play at a UKGC-licensed online casino that has been certified by eCOGRA then you can play safe in the knowledge that the games are fair and random – and you have a real shot at the jackpot

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