How CS:GO Gambling Increased With Covid-19

How CS:GO Gambling Increased With Covid-19

Among all games, we all know that CSGO is a game that doesn’t need a formal introduction. Gamers all around the world are already familiar and well-aware of the popularity and worldwide recognition of this FPS shooter masterpiece.

The effects of lockdowns are felt all around the world, and the same goes for CSGO gambling as well. Early 2020, viewership to active players saw exponential growth in the consumption of CSGO.

With the increased number of players and viewers, CSGO gambling has increased a lot too. In this brief guide, you will get to know how CSGO gambling has increased and which factors contributed to its growth.

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CSGO Gambling Surge During 2020

Let’s first step into some interesting facts about CSGO gambling:

  • Online/remote events are becoming the new normal for the eSports industry
  • CSGO is still one of the favorite most and popular games to bet on
  • New Technologies and gambling trends have made CS:GO gambling systems better than ever
  • The CSGO gambling activities will continue to break records left and right   

To date, many modes of gambling are introduced around CS:GO events. There are many different ways in which skins or CSGO coins can be wagered on third-party sites, either for gambling or trading with virtual items.

The following graph shows how streaming platform Twitch has done well out of lockdown and posted a staggering 3 billion hours watched in the lockdown.

This shows an increased engagement of players and viewers with gaming, eSports, and gambling.

During lockdown situations, people found themselves with extra hours toward online activities. Also, the financial affairs of many are disturbed. So, for the sake of entertainment with the intent to earn some extra dollars, CSGO gambling has increased enormously since 2020. Access to online gambling has proven to be more valuable than ever in these times.

UK Gambling Commission back in July 2020, published a report which showed that the esports gambling industry had seen massive growth, with year-on-year growth of 2992% over the first few months of 2020.

Recently, many Gambling Commissions from all over the world also offered support for the operators and bettors that are finding themselves with the issue of problem gambling.

The innovations and technology integration in the games are now allowing more people to participate in the CSGO events as they see more transparency and security.

The above trend clearly depicts how gambling has increased since 2020.

New Trends And Technologies Introduced In CSGO Gambling

Many gamblers complained about the lack of real-time experience. To give gamblers the real feel, many platforms are striving hard to introduce 3-D graphics into the game. It will automatically increase the engagement of the gamblers and will attract many more.

  • Cryptocurrency Acceptance

We are all witnessing cryptocurrency as the next big thing in the world of online gambling. Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency as payment in CSGO gambling ensures anonymity, security, and lesser tax burden for the users. The use of Bitcoin will become an important factor for the growth of gambling.  

The integration of the AR-VR interface, along with the 3-D graphics will give an ultimate experience to any gamer or gambler. Developers are working on this feature that can give a real-time feeling for the first time. However, the AR-VR gear might cost some extra dollars but it will be going to give an amazing experience. 

Cloud gaming has made it possible for everyone to access games and platforms from anywhere around the world. It completely removes the need for dedicated hardware for gamers and gamblers. It will give an amazingly easy experience for CSGO gambling to everyone.  

There will be no gambling without dealers. The virtual reality feature allows live dealers in the CSGO games. It eradicates the need to deal with computerized versions. You just have to deal with a real person which can ultimately improve the understanding and productivity of the CSGO gambling events.

CSGO Crash remains the most popular game

There are close to over 10 different CSGO gambling games players can choose from on various gambling sites. 

When looking at the global search demand in Ahrefs we can see that the most popular game is still the game that once got the hype around CSGO gambling started, CSGO Crash.

Quickly explained, CSGO Crash is a multiplier game and each game lasts on average somewhere between 1-15 seconds. For each second longer the player stays within the round they multiply their initial bet but stay too long and the game crashes and the player walks away empty-handed. It’s a pure luck game and the goal is to exit the game just before it crashes.

The game has become extra popular due to intense reactions being shared on by Twitch streamers. Viral videos can be found where streamers managed to catch themselves on camera during a big win, or, devastating loss. 

Governments blocking CSGO crash sites

There are unclear regulation standards for CSGO sites and in some countries, the government has blocked access to CSGO crash sites for lack of a local gambling license. However, there are a few sites offering csgo crash with Curacao gambling licenses.

Keeping its potential growth in mind, CSGO gambling will likely keep on growing as long as the CSGO player base keeps growing. As for the CSGO gambling sites, ease-of-use, better graphics, interface, real-time dealing, enhanced security, and complete license transparency will determine the growth curve for the CSGO gambling industry. 16 days

CSGO lovers, this one's for you! @Brehze will be streaming LIVE on Bitcasino ESports Twitch! 😉 Don't forget to tune in to our Twitch channel 👉

CSGO lovers, this one's for you!

@Brehze will be streaming LIVE on Bitcasino ESports Twitch! 😉

Don't forget to tune in to our Twitch channel 👉
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