How Can Partnership with Gamstop Positively Affect Golf Fans?

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How Can Partnership with Gamstop Positively Affect Golf Fans?

Golf is one of the most popular games in the UK, and 0.5% of the UK’s total population is involved in Gambling. The Partnership with Gamstop has the potential to turn the numbers in favour of the government that is reducing the number of problem gamblers and money lost in overseas Gambling. 

Blockers such as GamStop could effectively free themselves from restrictions, thus protecting addictive gamblers and ensuring their financial stability. The partnership could help spread awareness about gambling-related problems and eliminate the evils of Gambling from society.

Overview of GamStop

GamStop is a software that provides self-exclusion programs to problem gamblers who need some time off the gambling world. GamStop was developed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission(UKGC), which works for the safety of gamblers and gambling site operators through its rules and regulations. 

Self-exclusion program by GamStop restricts any online casino or gambling-related sites such as bookies from your device. The exclusion lasts according to the plan chosen by you. It may last from 6 months to around five years. One must select the exclusion period carefully, selecting the period he needs to overcome his gambling addiction or permanently leave the gambling world. 

It is almost impossible to access casino sites registered under the UKGC license. However, some UK sports bookies not on GamStop are extremely popular in Great Britain and punters always find a way out of GamStop restrictions either by using a VPN or playing on non-registered sites, which could be unsafe. 

The Pros of Partnership with GamStop

GamStop by UKGC is an initiation by the commission to control problem gambling in the UK. 

A study conducted by UKGC revealed that 0.5% of the population of the UK suffers from addictive Gambling, while 3.8% of the people of the UK are at the borderline of becoming problem gamblers. Blocking software such as GamStop, NetNanny, Betblocker, GamBan, etc., is crucial to restrict the number of punters involved in uncontrolled Gambling in the UK. 

The partnership of Golf Clubs with Gamstop could be a milestone in influencing Golf Fans against uncontrolled Gambling. Most of the Sports industry is saturated with sponsorship deals and partnerships with online casinos. It is high time that sports clubs partner with blockers like Gamstop, safeguarding their fans from the evil of addiction.

This partnership could protect problem gamblers and help ordinary people educate about Gambling and its possible adverse outcomes. Gambling isn’t bad as long as you play for amusement and not for earning money. The Partnership could also help people understand the concept better. 

Protect Compulsive Gamblers

Once you start gambling, you would feel it enjoyable and entertaining. Online casino sites offer various bonuses and contribute to new players. With those offers, you might feel casinos are rewarding. This gives rise to addiction when you want more rewards than possible. 

Punters often sign-up in various online casinos in greed for more money. This often results in punters investing all the money they earned in their life and even taking loans and borrowing money from others to gamble in the hope of winning a Jackpot. Punters eventually fall into crushing debts causing problems for their friends and family. This may be the reason to join GamStop for golf fans to control their gambling activities.

Blockers such as NetNanny, BetBlocker, GamBan, and GamStop efficiently block all casino and gambling sites so that punters cannot access any casino sites. Such a period of exclusion is crucial to protect compulsive players as it halts the process of repeated Gambling.

Educate About Gambling

Gambling is considered a social evil, and thus conversations on gambling are limited. The young population which includes 12-15 years old are mainly unaware of the gambling problems and addiction. 

In most cases, a child’s first conversation about gambling could be with his friends or cousins who are in the same age group and know very little about gambling. It is easy for them to indulge in gambling through cards or fruit slots. It is vital to spread this awareness and teach about responsible gambling and how to behave. Research dated in 2019 was conducted with 21% of the young population of the UK. It revealed that 7% of the subjects agreed to have gambled at least once. In comparison, 4% of the subjects said they play fruit slot machines in online casinos, and 5% of the subject children reported having spent their money on betting on gambling sites.

The alarming numbers call for better partnerships among Golf Clubs. A considerable population of the UK watches Golf, so the Partnership with GamStop could significantly help spread awareness about Gambling and its associated problems.

Beat Possible Negative Effects of Gambling

Uncontrolled Gambling would take you into a pool of debts; thus, you would lose your financial security. This would affect you and your friends and especially your family. 

Uncontrolled Gambling is not respected in our society. GamStop’s Partnership with golf clubs would let the insecure punters know about their restricting plans so that their uncontrolled gambling urge could be contained. 


Self-exclusion is the primary requirement to overcome problem gambling, and GamStop provides restriction services and protection to all players who have signed up. The partnership of golf and Gamstop could do wonders in spreading awareness and stopping uncontrolled and unsafe gambling practices. But there also can be some consequences and because of those reasons we probably do not follow the gigantic support of this program.

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