Hot Trends in Poland: Online Gambling and Casinos

Like many other countries, Poland has the potential to be the most relevant gaming market in history. According to reports, gambling revenue stood at €5billion in 2020, making it the most lucrative Eastern European market. The industry increased following the amendments of the Gambling Act in 2017.

Although the Polish gaming legislature is one of the most restrictive in Europe, it makes gamers and companies more protected than in other countries. Both land-based and online casinos have attracted many to try their luck. Jacek Michalski highlights hot trends in online gambling and casinos in Poland.

Modern payment options

The Polish gambling industry has undergone a series of innovations that have led to growth and popularity. Since the early days at Sopot city, many were used to cash transactions as the only way to play their favorite games. As time passed, most gamers continued using traditional methods to access vital services offered by online and land-based casino providers. Today technology has changed the gambling experience by introducing credit cards and e-Wallets such as PayPal with direct bank transfers.

Online gambling

Online gambling has taken Poland by storm, where most gamers and companies have boarded the snowballing wagon. The gaming platforms have introduced convenience where players access games at home without stepping on the floors of traditional casinos. Innovation has added more ice to the cake by introducing media compatible with mobile phones and PCs.

The global pandemic has fueled the growth of online gambling as land-based casinos operate under strict WHO guidelines of social distancing. Gamers have turned to their phones at home, signed up for legal websites, and enjoyed a convenient gaming experience. Luckily, polskie casino online is a good starting point for anyone who wants to enjoy the convenience of internet gambling in Poland.

Online security

The internet has offered various solutions to our problems; however, the same internet is a source of evil for most internet morons. Cybercriminals are on the run-in finding tricks that will manipulate gamers and rob them of their winnings. Cyber security experts are aware of severe actions and have introduced a secure socket layer that ensures personal information is secure. The SSL is a great invention that prevents the third party from accessing gamer’s data online. Online Polish casinos deal with vast sums of cash, which makes them prone to cyberattacks. Through improved measures such as end-to-end encryption, hackers find it hard to access casinos’ data.

 Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology ranks as one of Poland’s most popular casino trends and has brought a turnover in the gambling industry with several crypto casinos. Cryptocurrency has drawn the attention of most gamers due to its anonymity. The tech allows decentralization, low transaction costs, fast transactions, and security.

With blockchain technology, gamers can transact and share private data without worrying about being hacked. Casino operators do not require a third-party company as blockchain alone can secure transactions. Players have opted to use crypto casinos to acquire better bonuses and promotions.

Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is on-demand in Poland. It is a service offered to players to play games on devices such as phones, PCs, and smart TV sets. It is similar to video streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. Gamers can stream games of their choice using capable devices connected to the internet. Cloud gaming has solved nagging gaming issues such as storage issues. Polish gamers no longer download heavy games on the internet; instead, they stream them on time from its server. In addition, cloud tech has allowed casinos to relay information to their consumers, and in return, gamblers can place their bets in a few seconds.


The 5G rollout in Poland has improved speeds that solved the live table game’s slow connectivity problem. With 5G, players enjoy all action as it happens. The connectivity has delivered lower pings, faster downloads, and quicker uploads than the previous networks, giving an improved gaming experience. Cloud gaming is enhanced by high-speed connectivity allowing gamers to stream games in real-time. In addition, accessing online gaming platforms using mobile phones and PCs is now better.

It is difficult for ardent Polish gamers to miss the hot trends on online casinos. The trends have changed the gambling experience by making it better. The 5G rollout, online gambling, blockchain technology have attracted both gamers and companies at large.

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