Guide to Best Online Gambling Sites in Ireland

Guide to Best Online Gambling Sites in Ireland

In Ireland, different forms of gambling activities were addressed back in 1956 through the main gambling legislation called the Gaming and Lotteries Act. Before the Gaming and Lotteries Act, there were almost no laws and regulations regarding the country’s gambling industry. The Gaming and Lotteries Act prohibited all forms of commercial gambling houses from operating in the country. 

As we have seen many other times, innovative entrepreneurs and business owners managed to find loopholes in the gambling law to continue their gambling operations. The Gaming and Lotteries Act did not prohibit gambling clubs and this is the main loophole that allowed companies involved in the gambling industry to remain operating. 

Gambling clubs that opened their doors in Ireland following the introduction of the Gaming and Lotteries Act operated like mini casinos. They featured quite a few games, including Blackjack, video poker, different poker games, and slots. Today, there are over forty-five gambling clubs in Ireland. Playing games at these gambling clubs does not violate the Irish gambling legislation which has been enforced for over six decades. 

The Gaming and Lotteries Act 2019 and the Betting Act 2015

In order to introduce a more efficient licensing application and permit process, Irish lawmakers brought into effect the Gaming and Lotteries Act 2019 amendment. This act came into effect relatively recently on the 1st of December 2020. Aside from introducing a completely new licensing and permit application process, the Amendment Act also allowed all individuals who are at least eighteen years old to engage in different gambling and betting activities. 

The Amendment Act was warmly welcomed by online casino operators that serve Irish customers as it brought positive changes to the Irish land-based and online gambling landscape. In addition, the Gaming and Lotteries Act amendment finally consolidated and modernized Irish gambling laws. 

Online gambling legality explained

When it comes to the legality of online gambling in Ireland, Irish players can register and play for real money at sites that have valid Irish gambling licenses. Irish players can also engage in gambling activities at sites that have valid licenses issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or some other respectable gambling authority. 

According to, online gambling sites in Ireland have been operating legally in the country since 2015 when the Betting Act came into effect. With both local and international operators being able to offer their services and products provided that they are licensed, the Irish iGaming scene has been on the rise. While Irish players can join quite a few licensed gambling websites, these sites are not created equally. With this being said, further, we take a look at the best Irish gambling sites in terms of their reliability, trustworthiness, payment methods, gaming libraries, customer care services, and bonuses. 

What Makes an Excellent Irish Gambling Site?

According to this report, around 56% of the country’s population plays the lottery. Aside from the lottery, Irish players are also fond of online slots and online sports betting. With many different sites available, it is crucial that players do their research before committing to any site. There are some major differences between reputable, reliable gambling sites and those that are better be avoided. 

An excellent Irish gambling site is always licensed. Choosing an unlicensed site puts your personal information and even your funds at great risk. Nobody wants to fall victim to cyber hacking and you can avoid this by choosing only licensed gambling sites thankfully, Ireland is home to many of these, both international and local. 

Since security should be everyone’s top priority, every excellent gambling site employs advanced security and privacy measures. The best online casinos and sports betting sites catering to Irish players are SSL-encrypted. The best gambling sites also employ other security and privacy measures that guarantee the safety of everyone’s funds and private info. 

To check if your chosen gambling website is SSL-encrypted and licensed, head to its homepage and scroll down to the bottom. If it has legit SSL and licensing certifications, you can assume it is a safe gambling option. As mentioned at the beginning, online gambling sites licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association, and other respectable iGaming authorities legally operate in Ireland. 

When looking for an excellent gambling site, you want to check the availability of different gambling products. The best Irish gambling sites cater to online casino players and online sports bettors. Their gaming platforms feature many different mobile gaming-friendly online casino games, while their sports betting platforms support different sports betting markets, including Daily Fantasy.  

Once you have found a licensed and secure Irish online gambling venue that has a rich selection of gambling products, proceed to check its selection of bonuses and promotions. Every excellent iGaming venue offers a generous welcome bonus aside from other bonuses and promotions, including free spins, reload, and cashback promos. The top-ranked iGaming sites also support different deposit and withdrawal options and assist their players around the clock via multiple contact channels. 

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