GiG Finalizes Contract With Undisclosed “tier-one” Land-Based Operator

Author: Live Casino Direct

There are increasing numbers of online casinos being launched. The market is competitive and difficult to enter. A company with experience from a land-based casino and technical expertise is a good match for an iGaming portal.

Gaming Innovation Group has signed a deal with an undisclosed 'tier-one' retail casino operator. GiG completed their acquisition of sportsbook supplier Sprtnco for EUR 51.3 million. The first phase of the deal centres around Gig providing the land based- operator with a full online casino solution.

Gigantor has signed a contract with a land-based operator. The company offers a turnkey managed service solution for the online gambling industry. The regulations in the UK are tightening. GiG's solution reduces the complexity of digitally transforming the retail business online.

Gig is finalizing a three-year contract with a land-based casino operator. The partner is expected to go live with GiG's online casino platform in the second half of the year. Gi's CEO Richard Brown hopes for a positive impact on the partner's bottom line from the end of 2022.

Gig has signed a contract with a land-based operator. GiG will help the operator digitally transform and showcase their product in the UK market.