Gamification of online slots and the levels system: a legacy of Arcade games

Gamification of online slots and the levels system: a legacy of Arcade games
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Over the past years, the word gamification has entered by right into the vocabulary of web developers, marketing experts and professors. This Anglophone concept, which was coined by Jessie Schell, represents the supreme synthesis of a game-driven phenomenon that has spread across several sectors.

Nowadays, the gamification has invaded real life, but it owes its origin and success to experiments carried out over the last two decades on video games and online slot machines. It is no coincidence that the gameplay level of the titles launched on the market by the best international software houses has progressively increased thanks to the improvement of gamification, and it is no coincidence that today the study and implementation of gamification has become an integral part of the game development and programming process.

In this interview, Silvia Urso and Natalia Chiaravalloti, editors of, tell us all the secrets behind the gamification of online slot machines, focusing in particular on the level system, a new technique that originated in the arcade world and was later implemented in the gaming environment.

What is online slot machine gamification and how is it used to increase user engagement?

Natalia: “The gamification of online slot machines is a strategy based on adding ‘interactive elements’ to a title to make the gaming experience more engaging and interesting. These interactive elements include challenges, missions, bonuses, leaderboards and other incentives to encourage users to continue playing and interacting with the platform.

The gamification goal of online slot machines is to increase user engagement and build user loyalty by motivating them to increase the average time of their gaming sessions.This feature, applied to all kinds of slots with this feature, allows online casinos to increase their profits and improve their reputation on the market”.

How does a level system for online slot machines work and how does it incentivise users?

Silvia: “A levels system for online slot machines works by awarding players with points or virtual coins each time they complete certain tasks on a game. These points can then be used to unlock new levels with new features and rewards.

This system stimulates users to keep playing to earn more points and progress to higher levels, where they can unlock new game options and rewards. This creates a positive reinforcement loop that motivates users to periodically return to the gaming platforms or online casinos that host these slots.

In addition, the level system also offers an element of competition between players, allowing them to compare their score and their position on the leaderboard. This contest, as was already the case in arcade games, which displayed the record in large letters at the end of the game, further increases the engagement of users and their interest in a particular game”.

What are the advantages for online slot machine players that include a level system?

Natalia: “In addition to the rewards provided in the form of bonuses and the greater engagement in general, we must highlight the greater variety of game play, which breaks the monotony of the slot, and especially the customization. Slots like Playtech’s Empire Kingdom include different game options, features and rewards that can be unlocked as players progress, offering more variety and a funnier gaming experience.

As such, these kinds of online slots allow for customization according to the individual preferences of users, breaking the rigid patterns of the old bar machines. Personalization and diversity are also elements that have contributed to the success of all modern titles for Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo.

How can the gamification of online slot machines and the level system help online casinos to retain their customers and increase their customer base?

Silvia: ‘User engagement and user interest in a particular game increases progressively through gamification elements such as level systems, incentivising users to come back and play more.

Prizes and rewards create loyalty, like all other types of bonuses available online. Competition between users boosts the registration of new users, who want to appear in the top 10 best players for a particular slot. All these factors contribute in a synergetic way to the growth of an online casino’s registered user base and consequently to more revenue.

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