Casino "Money wheel" spinning games online like the Wheel of Fortune

Watching the wheels go by isn't something casino players do on a leisurely Sunday morning. These wheels offer a money-making scenic route and you don't have to have a set of keys to turn the ignition.
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Online casino "Wheel" games to watch roll by for cash and credits

Wheels can mean a lot of different things. They can mean you sitting behind the wheel of a pimped up Cadillac or they can mean various types of casino games from “Wheel of Fortune” slots to any number of Roulette games. These wheels will definitely take casino players to where they want to go where wheels equate to a money-making scenic route. Win casino money in wheel bonus rounds in arcade games, slot games, table games and more. Watching the wheels go by is much more action packed than it used to be.

Wheel games are a much-loved way to gamble for many players both at the casinos and online. For the most part, these games are games of chance. Wheel games vary in terms of the style and design of the wheel to how the wheel is situated in the game. Most wheel games have a betting table or poker chips for betting. Wheel games can be in the form of a roulette game or may look like a popular game show like in Wheel of Winners and Wheel of Riches. Fortune Wheel and Lucky Wheel. In these games players will make bets using poker chips and then spin the wheel to win.

Players can bet on specific numbers, on higher or lower numbers or odd and even.  There are a few wheel games like Wheel of Light that break the mold with a futuristic design with what looks more like a dial than a wheel.  Some of these games can be played simply for fun while others can only be played for real money. Locate a plethora of wheel games here from our extensive catalogue of games. Win real cash and even play in wheel games with lucrative jackpots. Playing wheel games is easy and exciting.

How to Play Wheel Games

Wheel games range in ‘how to play’ depending on the ‘type’ of wheel game you are playing. As for wheel games there are some that are game show related like Wheel of Winners and Money Wheel. Some of the wheel games are set up against the backdrop of a baccarat table or other table casino game. In Wheel of Light, for instance, players use varying poker chips, ranging in value from $0.20 to $25.00 to make bets before clicking on the play button. Once players click on the button the dial will turn and the place where the counter ends or where the ‘ball’ lands will reveal whether there has been a win or not depending on where the clips were placed. Chips can be places not only on numbers but also on ranges of numbers, hi or lo, and odd or even.


Rules vary depending on the wheel game people are playing but generally the rules are the same. Players must make a bet, bets are paid on a “to one” basis according to the odds of the bet itself. It’s best if players first set limits in order to plan a budget accordingly. Wheel Games online include information about each particular games and the rules that relate to it, simply click on the question mark to read more about each game. Spin a win, for example, players can pick a specific wager for each number from as little as $0.10 to as much as $4.00 per number up to a total of 24 numbers. Players will need to check each specific wheel game to find out the rules and wager bets.


Anyone who knows how to play the roulette will understand Wheel Games right away even if there are many variations in the genre. Casino players online can come up with a strategy of their own but in most instances, Wheel Games are simply games of chance. There are a few payoff guidelines. It is known that these games are one of the lowest payoffs for both online and at a live casino. The house advantage can go from 11% to 24%. A common recommendation is to avoid placing bets on the number 40 that has the highest house advantage at 24.1%.


‘Momentum’ is the how fast the wheel turns which eventually loses speed and the ball drops into the section of a certain number. Just like in roulette, there are different kinds of bets that a player can use such as a ‘straight’ or single bet on only one number. A ‘split’ is when betting on two adjoining numbers. Players can place poker chips on inside numbers on the wheel or on outside numbers. Making a bet on one of the first eighteen numbers is called a ‘mangue’ bet, betting on one of the latter higher eighteen numbers is called a ‘passe’ bet. When players bet on even or odd numbers this is called a ‘pair ou impair’ bet.

Variations of Wheel Games

Again, as stated about casino wheel games online vary in forms to those that look like roulette game to those that look like game shows wheels. Designs and themes vary along with options for betting. Some games players can make higher wagers and some games players can bet on lower wagers. There is another wheel game called, Double barrel where players have twice the opportunity to win. It is a billiards-roulette game with billiard balls that rotate in two wheels. This and other wheel games use more than one wheel in a game for players to have added ways to win. There are even Asian-variants to wheel games like in Lucky Star where players not only pick numbers but on colors. Three Wheeler is another game that has multiple wheels that turn and spin; Super Disc is another in a long-line of wheel games for those who love to spin that wheel.

History of Wheel Games

Variations of wheel games stem from roulette, which is a casino game, named after a French diminutive for ‘little wheel’. Since the explosion of online casino games, wheel games or varying kinds have become popular, especially for those who enjoy playing roulette. In 1975 a daytime series aired on NBC called the Wheel of Fortune, since then many wheel games have evolved for people to play online with a Wheel of Fortune look and style. Prizes and money is awarded and determined by a spinning wheel.

Popular Culture

Wheel games became popular when in 1942 the game appeared in the 1942 film Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart. There are various other films and television shows that have featured wheel games like in Mission Impossible from 1966 to The Sting in 1973. Roulette was also featured in the 1998 film, Run Lola, Run and even in the 2012 animated film, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.

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