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Online scratch cards - play for free or win real money with various themes

Online casino scratch cards of all kinds can be found at this locale with the instant games and links to scratchcard casinos. Scratch-cards are a fast and fun way to win casino money and each casino software provider has their share and variety of instant lottery.

Microgaming, for one, has Foamy Fortunes, Freezing Fuzzballs and Mumbai Magic scratch card game. Real Time Gaming has scratchers like 5 Diamond Blackjack, Lucky 8s and Hot Dice Scratchies. Playtech offers casino scratchcards too like Football Mania, Classic Slots and Beetle Bingo.

Net Entertainment also has their own set of scratch-it games like Lucky Double and Triple Wins. Rival has Penguin Payday and Tiki Treasure along with Cryptologic with scratchers like Money Farm.

When it comes to scratch card games, we have collected them all down in a concise and easy to access format at all the most preferred online casinos on the internet today.

Scratch Cards consist of a small piece of paper or cardboard which can be used for things such as games, phone cards and gambling.  They have various other uses but in this article we will focus on the gambling aspect.

For their use in gambling they are also known as instant lottery, instant ticket and lottery ticket.  In the United States and U.K., the proceeds of the government run lotteries usually go to a well needed cause, although the trade-off is sometimes questionable as many people become addicted.  For the most part money is the usual prize for these games, although there are also gift cards, soda, gasoline, coffee and prizes that might seem a bit unusual to the average gambler.

How to Play Scratch Cards

As the name indicates playing these games is as simple as using your fingernail or a small somewhat edgy object such as a coin or paper clip and scratching the wax coating from the card. In the case of online games, pressing a button or a key is the standard practice. Sometimes you have to match numbers or get 3 of a kind (symbols) and sometimes you are limited to how many areas you can scratch off. Words can also be used instead of symbols, characters and numbers.

The advent of online Scratch Card has given these games a bit more excitement, but the basic idea of how to play remains pretty much the same.


Each region, state, country, province, company etc. has their own rules and regulations. Many consist of time limits as to when you can claim your money or rules concerning tampering with the card. There are no standard rules as there are in craps or other casino games, as such it is always a very good idea to read either the back of the card or the website to determine all the rules and regulations.


Strategy and Scratch Cards are two words that really do not work well together. As with all games of chance including casino games, the odds are in the favor of the “house” and if you play long enough you will lose! With no skill involved and no way to improve your odds, Scratch Cards can be played by anyone who has the ability to “scratch” off symbols. That being said, my only advice as with all games of chance is to walk away when you have a profit and don’t get greedy.


Scratch Cards are very different from other types of gambling especially compared to games played at the casinos. Most terms with regards to this game are just the various names given to the game. These include but are not limited to scratcher, scratchie, instant lottery, instant game, scratch off and scratch and win.


Variations of Scratch Cards come in many forms and as with any simple game there is always a way to make it better. Different games, prizes and betting amounts are one of the various ways to make the game attractive to a range of players. To not overly complicate this subject, we will use a few variations from the National Lottery of the United Kingdom. Cloud 9, Lucky Bug, Bingo Red, 1 Million Blue, 4 Million Gold, Mega Rich and Super Rich just to name a few. Each one of these games carries different rules and procedures, price of the card and of course the prize amount, all which are in British Pound Sterling.

History of Scratch Cards

Believe it or not, Scratch Cards have not been around that long and compared to most other games of chance such as blackjack, craps, slots etc., Scratch Cards are only a recent creation. As simple and as basic as this game is, it has only been around since the early 1970’s.

They were first created for the Massachusetts Lottery Commission which did already have a State lottery, but not an instant game. In most instances players had to wait for some days to see if they had won or lost. But with Scratch Cards, the win or loss was instant and the prize money awarded could be retrieved almost instantly.

With the introduction of online gambling, Scratch Cards were another one of the games to make it to the Internet. Not gaining the popularity of the online slots, Scratch Cards did find a niche. With technology and graphics, these games were able to take on popular themes and provide the gamer with graphics and special features. As the Scratch Card is ubiquitous throughout many countries and being cheap and accessible, there really wasn’t too much of a demand for online games.

In the United States with gambling being tightly controlled by each State, Scratch Cards are the one form of gambling that you can find almost anywhere. Many States forgo their objection to gambling and introduce Scratch Cards. Because of it being inexpensive there are certain areas which see more of a demand for these games. In the United Kingdom the majority of the cards are produced by the National Lottery and not controlled on the local level.

Scratch Cards in Popular Culture

Scratch Cards aren’t the type games which get much glory and are seen as the poor alternative to real gambling. In spite of the fact that they are so cheap, they have been able to find a niche where there was none. There are many states in the U.S. who will most certainly never have any kind of serious gambling but have no problem offering Scratch Cards as a way to make money. Because of the low cost and availability, Scratch Cards can become addictive just like any other sort of gambling and can take a financial toll on players.

With the help of technology and the online gaming industry, Scratch Cards have become a bit more original and have incorporated popular culture and themes into their games. Many games have taken on current popular movie themes, although some not so current. These include but are not limited to Scary Movie, Blade, Captain America, Thor, X-Men, Caddyshack and of course Rocky. I must say that for the online Rocky Scratch Card I was highly impressed as the symbols consisted of clips from the first four Rocky movies.

Sports themes are always popular especially when a major match/game is around the corner. For the Football World Cup there were Scratch Card themed games in many different forms. Despite its simplicity the online gambling industry has certainly made Scratch Cards a bit more interesting.

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