Roulette games online with a variety of games for free and real money play

For a different spin (so to speak) on roulette, numerous online casinos now offer variations on the game, offering players various tables with fewer pockets, more colors to bet on and the like. Hey, even the Devil himself must get tired of the traditional game sometimes...
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Other roulette games – Varieties of table games available online for free

With the traditional roulette game so firmly fixed in the collective consciousness after nearly 250 years of play, it’s tough to improve on the original – and variants on “The Devil’s Game” are rarely seen in traditional land-based casinos.

A different situation exists at the online casino, however. With the necessity of actual physical space to devote to a relatively untested, decidedly less popular table game eliminated, online casinos can offer interesting and fresh takes on the oldest gambling game in the house.

In general, roulette variations follow the basics of roulette play: The player chooses a random number or numbers (or even symbol/symbols) from at least a vaguely resembling roulette display. The software will then choose a certain number and winnings are dispensed. Essentially, the main difference in these games comes in the number of pockets and/or colors.

Listed below are a few “other” roulette-style games available for free play right here. For those who dig on something different, this page is for you.

“The urge to gamble is so universal and its practice is so pleasurable, that I assume it must be evil.” – Heywood Broun
Trying something different in roulette variations at the online casino