American roulette has the infamous double zero to make play difficult

Still appealing to the serious gambler, American Roulette is that version of the “Devil’s Game” which contains an extra pocket on the wheel. The 00 of the American wheel increases the house edge in the game to a whopping 5.26% when betting on a single numbers.
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American roulette online – The double-zero variation of the casino table game

If you think American Roulette is favorable to the house today, consider the original version of the game: Though the riverboat-based wheel had only 31 pockets, one was the nasty eagle symbol which represented an automatic win for the house when coming up as the result – and no possibility to actually bet on the eagle was provided to the player.

Nevertheless, the odds on American roulette are among the longest in the gambling house, with the 5.26% house edge nearly double that of European roulette’s. While strategies for American roulette are often touted (or sold, if a proper sucker can be found), perhaps the best strategy that LiveCasinoDirect can offer is to switch over to European or French versions of the game.

For the hardcores and American traditionalists, then, a number of versions of American roulette may be played below.

“If I had the money and the drinking capacity, I’d probably live at a roulette table and let my life go to hell.” – writer Michael Ventura, surely expressing the sentiment of many an American roulette enthusiast...
Zeroing in on that extra pocket in American roulette at online casinos