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Play in progressive jackpot slots that reach into the millions of dollars

Progressive slot machine jackpots are the highest paying slots in the marketplace of slots. They offer the top payouts for everyone. It’s a high roller casino game with jackpots reaching into the millions. The only real difference between online slot machines and progressive jackpot slots are that progressive slot bonuses have the potential to pay out more. However, compared to the large number of slot machines, progressives make up the smallest number of slot types but they don't have to be hard to find with us.

Progressive Jackpot Slots are an interesting breed of slot machines and casino games, as one “pull” of the one-armed bandit (like classic fruit machines or video slot games) can change the player’s life in an instant.  Although the chances of winning are few and far between, it’s certainly a chance that many people are willing to risk.

The feature of the Progressive Jackpot Slot that makes it different from other casino slots is the very large one time payout on that one in a million (more or less) spin.  The money from the jackpot is increased as the player(s) play and a tiny percentage is added to the jackpot.  This can be done in various ways, but the basic premise is that of a constantly growing jackpot.

How to Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

As with the original slot machines, money is deposited and the player pulls a handle or presses a button. The difference now is that there are many more options and opportunities in the way you bet. The feature which differentiates the Progressive Jackpot Slot is the “Jackpot” bonus which not all slots have as a feature.

The Progressive Jackpot Slots consist of buttons while online versions consist of screens and icons to click. Because many of these have an assortment of ways to win and the progressive jackpot might be calculated differently, it is recommended the player reads up on the game and its features.


Because of its simplicity and one person playing against the machine/computer, there really aren’t too many rules that the player needs to follow. Don’t kick the “machine” and don’t play more than one “machine” when the casino is crowded.


As there is no skill involved in playing the basic video slots it is hard to create a suitable strategy. Obviously each player has their own way of playing from using all paylines, playing the maximum or minimum, automatic play, etc. Now with the Progressive Jackpot Slot, players are always looking for that little extra edge to put them in the right place at the right time.

Because of the nature of the Progressive Slot, it might not be recommended to play at slot that has just won the jackpot. Although the wins are supposed to be random, there is also the fact that the Jackpot has been depleted and not as large as before. While this makes some sense for the stand alone slots, it might not be the best option for other types.


Some terms are interchangeable with the original slot machines, but of course with new technology comes new terms.

Paylines, payout, pay table, scatter symbols, wild symbols, reels, multiplier, bonus, free spins, progressive jackpot, bonus feature, coin size, payout percentage, max bet, second screen and hit.

Variations of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Technology has given slots the ability to transform themselves into games which hardly resemble the old 3 reel slots. One of the most common is the 5 reel slot, which although has just 2 more reels, can significantly transform the way a player bets and wins. With the ability to have multiple paylines, the player has an increased chance to win on more spins with payouts even occurring from diagonal combinations. Although the return is lower, the game is more exciting and keeps the players engaged. Also some slots give the player a chance to increase their winnings with a Double button after each winning spin. This takes the player to another screen (second screen) where they can pick a symbol to double or even quadruple their money.

Progressive Jackpot Slots are another example of the new technology of videos. A specific amount of money builds over the course of the game, if the player hits, a large sum is paid out to the player and the jackpot will usually reset to zero, although it can build up quickly over time.

The Stand-Alone Progressive Jackpot Slot is the most common as one machine’s jackpot would build up over time and then after a win would usually go back to zero or a minimal amount.

With a bit of technology, the In-House slot was introduced to the casinos. This gave the casinos the ability to integrate a group or bank of slot machines so that the Progressive Jackpot would be a combined sum from the various machines. This increased the speed in which the jackpot grew as well as its size.

The Wide Area Progressive Slot can be considered a life changer. This variation consists of slots from various casinos while under the ownership of a specific gaming company and not the casinos, although the casinos do get a percentage. Although a bit expensive to operate because of the technology, the jackpot from one of these machines will certainly change one’s life.

History of Slots/Progressive Jackpot Slots

The slot machine or video slot gained its popularity by leaving the player to their own devices and not involving other players, a dealer or anyone else involved in the game. The intimidation of Craps, Black Jack and other table games led many players to the comfort and security of the slots. As the basic setup of the table games remained the same, video slots offered first-time gamers to the slot experience with the addition of added features, including bonus features, second screen play and progressive jackpots. Also both video slots at casinos and online adapted themes from movies, songs and popular culture to make things more interesting.

As with any history, especially in the gambling world, there are many people who would like to take credit and many others with varying opinions. So let’s just start with the “fact” that the slot machine came about in the late 19th century.

The popularity grew in the early part of the 20th century along with the gambling industry as a whole. The machines were very basic and rudimentary and sometimes the payouts were free drinks instead of money. Although the fundamentals remained constant, appearance and marketing became more original and important.

With slots becoming popular and lucrative, many were placed into drinking establishments where those seeking to compliment the vice of alcohol, could occupy there time. Unfortunately with the introduction of Prohibition in the U.S. in 1920 -1933, the slot industry along with many others suffered. Although still popular, the next leap came in 1963 with the introduction of the electromechanical machine called Money Honey by Ballys. The first of what we now know as a video slot appeared in 1976.

As the technology changed and true video and computer screens were added, the video slot became the ubiquitous game in the casino and the most lucrative. The internet transformed gaming as well as the video slot and is now a far cry from the one-arm bandit of yesteryear.

Popular Culture

Popular culture has most influenced slots through certain products and trends being integrated into the theme of the games. Because of the technology, such things as popular films and TV series have become a part of the slot experience.

In Oceans 13 there are 2 scenes which depict the elation and surprise of winning the Progressive Jackpot. The first is where the “portly” woman wins during the soft opening of the casino and the second is at the very end of the movie where the hotel critic gets the “Susan B. Anthony” on an airport slot.

As of July 14, 2014 an old school 3 reel Progressive Jackpot Slot has not produced a jackpot win in 20 years. The “Lions Share” which is a $1 Progressive Jackpot Slot was part of a group introduced in the early 1990’s at the MGM Grand Casino. The slot with its $2.3 million has become a legend, and because of Nevada gaming laws, the machine cannot be removed until someone wins the jackpot.

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