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Of the most popular casino games on our site, no other casino directory lists more of the latest and greatest games. Our special tracking system will update in real time which games are the most popular. Maybe you know what's popular, maybe you are in with the 'in' crowd, if not, let us take you into the circle.
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Most popular casino games as voted by players playing games on our site

Our list of popular casino flash games include those games most played on our site. The games will move up or down on the list depending on the number of visitors playing or not playing those games. The list updates in real time and is a way for players to track down the hottest most popular games withing the last 30 days, live.

With so many games currently on offer, it’s close to impossible to play them all, let alone form an intelligent opinion.  On top of this, there are the new games that come out every month and fill the coffers with even more games to play while keeping track is next to impossible.  All the while tryingto find something new and different can be a challenging at best.

As we are creatures of habit, sometimes we get stuck on certain types of games and become overly focused on just a few slots.  The purpose of the “Most Popular Games” is to offer our players an insight into what the other players are playing and what games they are playing the most.  It’s of course subjective and is only a glimpse into other players’ minds, but it definitely provides us with a great resource to play new and different games.  As I mentioned before, we sometimes get to focused on a few games and become mired in a pattern of predictability and simplicity.

The “Most Popular Games” is a listed created by players like you.  Players from all different backgrounds and countries contribute to the list, and offer up what their favorite games are.  While many of them you might disagree with, it’s a great resource in finding something new.  With over 2,000 games on our site, this channel gives you another option on top of other channels such as themes, types of slot, developers etc.

A word of caution, many of the popular video slots follow a similar pattern and usually encompass 3D slots or highly graphic video slots.  If you’re a classic slot kind of person, then this might not suit your tastes.  Although there might be one or two games in the top 15, you might have to check further down to find a classic slot.  With that being said, in this scenario, the most popular games list is a great resource for those only playing classic slots to check out the other types of games.  This can also be used by those who only play 3D and specific types of slots as well.

At Live Casino Direct, we strive to tailor a casino directory that is the most efficient, comprehensive, and honest rendering of what's online in the casino market today. Play popular casino games in flash version here, comment on those games and give them your rating. Read feedback from other players who've played the games in an easy to use, extensive, highly functional casino directory.

Whether you agree with the list is of no consequence, as it’s just a guide for those interested to see what’s popular. The goal is to offer up to our players some choice and options as to their playing patterns. Our goal at Live Casino Direct is to make your playing experience as fun and exciting as possible. As variety is the spice of life, you’ll never be wanting for something new at Live Casino Direct. Enjoy your play and win some money!
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