Look to the stars to win your Zodiac Fortune with this scratch card by Pariplay

The thing about Zodiac Fortune is that if you take away the zodiac wheel in the centre of the game, and dismiss the fact that it is supposed to be a general instant win game, then the player will see hidden behind it, a scratch card; and a simple scratch card at that. Unlike modern online scratch cards, the player does just click on each window to reveal the icon. Instead they scratch away the covering with a coin like in real life. Unless, they click on the “reveal all” button that is.
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The Zodiac Fortune instant win game by Pariplay – How lucky are you? What does your star sign tell you?

The Zodiac Fortune instant win game is one of Pariplay’s more complicated titles. At least, the game is initially complicated to first time gamers. Once they have figured out how it works (which shouldn’t take too long), the game runs a lot smoother and provides for much more fun. Zodiac Fortune is played across a wheel featuring the typical astrological star signs and symbols.

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Zodiac Fortune is played when a wager of at least 0.10 is staked. This wager can also rise to 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 5.00 or as much as 10.00 per game. This is fairly common for Pariplay instant win games.

Below the title, at the top of the screen are the 9 circles or windows that the player is going to reveal. They are attempting to match up tree identical symbols from the star sign reel below that, in the centre of the screen, which also acts as a kind of pay table, if you like. In this regard, Zodiac Fortune has a lot more in common with an online scratch card, than a generalised instant win game.

The Zodiac Fortune scratch card game features a fairly large jackpot, of £100,000. This jackpot can be won by pure luck, as there is never any skill required to win on scratch cards games, and in most cases, any instant win games for that matter. Graphically, the Zodiac Fortune instant win game is pretty decent, with simple but effective graphics giving off the theme just nicely.
A fortune scratch card, with a large jackpot and a sense of mystery about it