We see a 9000-coin jackpot awaiting you in Zodiac Slot...

No matter how you slice it, the astro-chart that is made for you never lies. Card reader will give a cheap interpretation of your life. If you believe in the stars, the Zodiac Slot won't cheat your chances for any wins. It's random spins with a bit of luck from the payline settings. Go for it.
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Zodiac Slot with bonus free spins round, 9000-coin jackpot

Your future is determined by the luck provided within the astrological formations of Zodiac Slot, and within the stars themselves.  Even though the jackpot offers a 9000 coin jackpot, there is a fortune telling bonus game that offers extra wins worth 3x the pay for any that are gathered by pure luck and solid line wagers.

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Don't confuse those palm readers for the Astrological forecast experts. Real astrology is based on times, dates, and formation of where the earth  and moon, and rest of the planets bring forward in their phases. As mysterious as time itself, Zodiac Slots is a fine addition to the science that can determine who you really are. In any case, determine how much you want to spend over these paylines so you can get into the winning modes.

A total of 9 paylines are set up to include stakes as low in value as 10 cents per line. Higher amounts are riskier so stick to the cheap plays at first unless you know the future for sure!

The wild allows two functions for winning in this game. It will gain wins on its' own and also grant the jackpot of 9000x the win line stake. The second half pairs any winning combo with at least one wild anywhere on the reels. This will produce the double pay for that bonus win. While landing the sun scatter 3 or more times you can enter a bonus round that will provide 3x the pay for any win collected in that extra game. Your lucky stars watch fondly upon you!

Reach for the stars and take hold of your Zodiac Slots future. Well, at least the stake part of the game is for sure. The rest is up to the luck of the draw.
Tea leaf reading is for the amateurs, step up the the real deal in the Zodiac Slot game...