Stand-up and take a bow for being an instant winner in the X-Factor

Dress-up and do a little dance for the game that quickly makes anyone a real star for doing absolutely nothing extra-talented. Give yourself the star treatment with your winning bets for the god life that awaits you. Time to beat the X-Factor Scratch Card challenge for a total change in your daily routine.
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X-Factor scratch card - music themed online casino game by OpenBet

What talent do you have that will take the winning part of the X-Factor. This popular pop culture TV show is one of a few that give nearly ordinary people the chances to be someone really big in the entertainment business. If you like taking the risk of a lifetime, this is an easier game to play for huge stakes to be won.

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Get your act together because it’s time for some real talent in the making in the scratch card arena called the X-Factor Scratch Card game. It’s even easier than you thought. No need to sing or dance, or even have anything but sheer luck and the determined drive to take all you can in this wacky game. Pick-out the winner bet you decide to play and simply start to eliminate the squares on the card by using the cursor to click on them one at a time. You’ll see what is uncovered. If you match 3 of them anywhere on the card face then you’ve completed the X-Factor prize. Play the ever popular new card button for a quick round that allows you to see if you win right away. No need to be judged in this game at all.

Feel like being a celebrity in your own spare time. This game give the spotlight treatment every time, even if you don’t sing so well- you’ll be singing a happy tune with winnings of the X-factor kind.
Be like the shooting stars of the X-Factor kind!