Pick a witch, pick a coven of witches, ride along their brooms

The basic premise behind Pariplay’s The Witch Race is simply brilliant. The idea that you can back a witch to win The Witch Race is awesome. What makes it even better, is that like any sport betting event, you can also back all of the runners, although your chances of big jackpots will be decreased due the amount wagered. The graphics are spiffy, the entertainment is high and all this together makes The Witch Race a well rounded game.
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The Witch Race instant win game by Pariplay – Riding along with the rich witch in this instant win hit

Ordinarily, one would classify The Witch Race as a Halloween-themed instant win game. However, Pariplay has tried their hardest – and done a fairly decent job, it must be said – to make certain that The Witch Race isn’t only popular specifically at Halloween. This game has enough going on to make it a real treat whatever time of the year it is, and that is certainly no trick.

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The Witch Race can be played as soon as a player makes their wager. These wagers begin at a lowly 0.10 for one witch. Up to five witches can be selected (under betting level), to compete in the race. The maximum bet per witch is 10.00. Therefore the minimum and maximum stakes to play with all of the witches are, 0.50 and 50.00.

Not all of the witches may finish the race. There are a number of obstacles in their path as they fly across the spooky night sky on their broomsticks towards the finish line. Normally, at least two will finish the race, sometimes more. What this basically means, is that just because you have bet on all the witches in the race, doesn’t mean you will still win!

From a graphics perspective, The Witch Race is very good indeed. There are plenty of inspiring animations floating about during gameplay, several which will knock your witch off her broomstick and out of the race. When all things are considered that this instant win game has to offer, such as a broad wagering range, and a massive £100,000 jackpot, you can’t really go wrong can you?
Spookily sensational at any time of the year, a really fun, unique release