Wheel of Winners: Roulette redux at the online casino

A bit of a spin on classic roulette (so to speak) is Wheel of Winners, an online casino game. Play four colors instead of two and bonus rounds that can land you up to five free spins!
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Wheel of Winners casino game -- Based on classic online roulette

What happens when you combine roulette with the stylings of TV gameshow Wheel of Fortune? You get Wheel of Winners of course! Similar to roulette this game is, except with four colors to bet on and the possibility of bonus rounds and free spins.

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Wheel of Winners is a roulette game, but with a wheel containing 39 segments with four colors rather than the two of roulette plus two bonus segments.

To play, just place the bets you'd like to make first by clicking on the chips representing their values. Then press spin to get the wheel going. Landing on a bonus segment will begin a mini-game in the center of the wheel. In the free spins bonus round, the game matches your previous bets at no extra cost -- a serious boon for high-rollers, one would think.
For something slightly beyond the typical roulette, here's Wheel of Winners.
Wheel of Winners is a lot like roulette, but more colorful