Wheel of Riches: Roulette in four colors plus free spins bonus

Wheel of Riches is Microgaming’s specialty game basically based on roulette. A nice perk for the roulette lover, though, is the possibility of free spins on this wheel – now where else can you get that in an online casino wheel game?
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Wheel of Riches online casino game -- A variation on roulette

The Wheel of Riches casino game is essentially Wheel of Winners rebranded, which is to say a Microgaming online roulette game but with four colors and slightly different wagering opportunities.

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Microgaming’s Wheel of Riches online casino table game plays pretty much like traditional roulette/wheel games with a few exceptions to make things interesting. Place wagers of a minimum 50c on traditional roulette bets like first 12/second 12/third 12; 1 to 18 or 19 to 36; and even or odd.

Numbers on Wheel of Riches come in four colors, though, as opposed to the traditional two: Here it’s red, blue, yellow and magenta you’ll have to choose between. And the ‘Wheel also allows the player to bet on any of four columns of numbers as placed on the table.

Finally, Wheel of Riches contains a couple of spaces you won’t see on any real-life roulette game: Black spaces labeled “Bonus” and “Spins”, which upon landing provided exactly what they promise -- with previous wagers matched for free.

Though most variations on roulette end up getting promoted as “unique,” Wheel of Riches can lay claim to this adjective in at least one major respect: Free spins! That’s right; get lucky in this game and you could be rewarded with free bets as the wheel turns on the house’s dollar...
Wheel of Riches – online roulette with free spins round