Wheel of Light dares to take a peek at the future of Roulette

Wheel of Light is a futuristic version of roulette, played with a dial of numbers rather than a spinning wheel. Theoretically though, this is essentially European Roulette, only more digital. The top payout is 30x the stake, for a successful bet on any single number in the game.
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Wheel of Light by Playtech– A futuristic version of online roulette

This Playtech powered game isn’t a slot, and it isn’t really an instant win game either. If it has a category, then you would say that it is a roulette based game. Wheel of Light contains a massive dial in the centre of the screen around which a selection of 30 numbers are placed, and of course, the famous zero. The game runs like typical roulette, although this time, a dial is spun and where the counter ends, is where the “ball” lands. Anybody that has ever played roulette will pick up the setup of this game instantly.

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Wheel of Light enables players to makes bets with coins denominations of 0.25, 1.00, 5.00 and 25.00. A good selection of bets can be played with these coins and once they have played their bet, the game begins.

There are a number of bets in this game that can be placed and most of them are typical to roulette. Such bets include any number bets with payout top rates of 30x the stake; red zone bets (27-30) which pay out at 7x the stake; and green zone bets (which are from 22-26) with a payment of 6x the stake. Other bets include blue and orange zone bets, spread bets on certain numbers, and high number bets (16-30), low number bets (1-15), odds and evens all payout at 2x the stake.

The zero works in exactly the same way as it would in European Roulette. Anybody who has ever played a basic game of roulette won’t have to scout around for the rules of this one. Just think of Wheel of Light as standard roulette, although with a unique and innovative layout.
A new-age roulette game, with a dial instead of a wheel.