Like at the arcade, except for money

Whack a Jackpot is based on those old arcade games with the big ol' mallet. You know, next to the basketball shooting game, kitty-corner to the skeeball...
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Whack a Jackpot scratch card -- Whack-a-Mole at the online casino

Everyone loves Whack a Mole at the arcade, so here's the instant win online scratch card version: Whack a Jackpot! At least there's no chance to humiliatingly miss the stupid little buggers...

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To start playing Whack A Jackpot, choose a bet from 50 cents to $10. After setting the wager amount, hit the “New Card” button to start. Though the game begins with the moles popping up a la the arcade game, no video game playing is necessary. 

With each mole "hit" (clicked on, really) in Whack A Jackpot, a multiplier value will be revealed. If you only "stun" the mole, this counts as a strike and, as in the grand game of baseball, three strikes and you're out. Match three values before striking out to when your bet multiplied.
Alternatively, hitting the “Reveal All” button will simply uncover all the "holes" and show your winnings.
Whack a Jackpot for big multiplier prizes, not merely some tickets that you can never accumulate enough of anyway...
Whack on, whack off, the Whacker!