Western Wildness has some True Grit

Unfortunately, LCD was shootin’ mostly blanks this first time at th’ game (‘n’ that’s th’ only time y’ can say that, rest assured), but that ain’t no reason t’ be ‘gainst it. This is a good one, pardner, ‘n’ that ain’t hooey. LCD rating: 7/10.
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Western Wildness slot -- Cowboy-themed game from Rival Gaming

Journey back to the Wild West online casino-style with a posse of cartoon characters in Rival Gaming's Western Wildness slots game. The big highlight of this slot is the 100 free spins possible in the bonus round with five scatters tripped, but this casino game set at the O-Kee Doke Corral is a fun play throughout.

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Our heroes in th' Western Wildness slot game we’ll ref’r t’ as Annie Smokely cuz consarn it if those big green eyes don’t make her th’ purtiest thang since Smith and Wesson wuz playin’ cowboys ‘n’ injuns in th’ backyard, and Dudley because this boy is th’ right spittin’ image of Dudley Do Right c’mplete with seriously dimpled chin.

‘Course, wouldn’t be muchuva Western without a bad guy ‘n’ there he is in the Western Wildness slot right yonder: Black Bart, outfitted like the Lone Ranger hisself ‘cepting his duds being all black ‘n’ all. Anyways, this whole outfit’s certainly ‘tractive ‘nuff, what with them classic spaghetti-western-like sepia tones a’ th’ symbols – y’ can prob’ly guess easily what they might be: marshal badges, cowboy boots, steer skulls dried ‘n’ th’ desert… -- nicely set off w’ some sharp primary reds ‘n’ blues ‘n’ greens.

And I must admit that th’ game got an LOL outta me when th’ wagon wheel wild wuz tripped t’ spill th’ word wild up ‘n’ down the first reel; then follered th’ same word, but in Mexican: LOCO. Right funny! ‘N fact, that gunshot effect might well be th’ bestest effect a’ th’ dang year. I tell ya, pardner, after twenty free spins off th’ scatter – that’s 100 bullets fired, amigo – you feel like you done been at the OK Corral 'n then some.

Speakin’ a’ th’ OK Corral, there’s naturally a version a’ that event here. A bit cheesily named for my taste is th’ O-Kee Doke Corral, but that’s just a small niggle. It’s the bottle shootin’ bonus round, a rootin’ tootin’ good time there.

The heroic explorer dramatically turning away is a swell effect, as are the animated huskies coming alive to run the sled on multiple SCATTERs. Better yet is the fantastic “Second Chance Re-Spin Feature.”
Game play is purdy fun, too, what with the gunshots firin’ ev’rtime a reel stops spinnin’.