Another authentic Vegas Strip Blackjack hits the online casinos

Vegas Strip Blackjack isn’t played out any different than other blackjack games, although it does contain a bunch of customisable options. Gamers can adjust the speed, graphics or alter some of the simpler rules slightly in this release.
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The Vegas Strip Blackjack table game by Microgaming – Same old rules, different game

Vegas Strip Blackjack is a part of the Microgaming Gold Series of blackjack table games. The only real difference between Vegas Strip Blackjack and other Vegas themed blackjack games released by Microgaming is that this one is customisable, with plenty of options available for players to change at a whim.

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Vegas Strip Blackjack will permit players to place wagers of the Microgaming standard 1.00 per hand. This can go upwards of 100.00 per hand if a player is feeling lucky, and if they have finances and guts enough to invest in that sort of hand at simple blackjack.

The rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack are absolutely no different than standard blackjack. The player is dealt two cards, with which to make a hand of 21, or get as close to that figure as possible. The Ace can be either a 1 or 11, and the face cards count as tens, with all other cards being their numerical value. Should a player (or the dealer) go over the magical number of 21, they are considered to be out of the game and will lose their bet. A tie is known as a push, and bets are usually returned to both the player and the dealer.

Again, Microgaming continues to bombard us with endless title after title in the blackjack variant genre. You have to wonder what the point is? Vegas Strip Blackjack does absolutely nothing that their other blackjack games (not including variants) haven’t already done. Even the payouts are the same. The only plus in this release is the customisable options. Otherwise, Vegas Strip Blackjack is just yet another blackjack re-release.
Nothing new that blackjack players won’t have already seen before