Back to the basics with Vegas Strip Blackjack

Microgaming's Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold Series features old-fashioned four-deck blackjack playing in an online casino game.
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Vegas Strip Blackjack -- A Microgaming "Gold Series" table game

In Microgaming's flagship table games, also known as the Gold Series, perhaps the most popular variant is their "Vegas Strip" blackjack offering. (Here's a hint as to why: The shoe is only four decks...)

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Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is played with four standard decks of 52 playing cards. The object of the game is the same as in blackjack proper: Beat the dealer by achieving a total of 21 or under that is higher than the dealer's total, or by letting the dealer's hand go over 22 points in value and thereby "bust."

In Vegas Strip Blackjack, the "dealer" checks the hole card with an ace showing. Player may also choose to play insurance in this game at 2/1 odds when dealer hits blackjack.

Splitting is allowed in Vegas Strip Blackjack, including splitting any 10-value cards. Up to three splits are allowed. Doubling down after a split is also possible.

The Vegas Strip never looked so good online as it does in Microgaming-powered casinos, where four-deck action is on at your behest.
Visualize good times in Sin City while playing Vegas Strip Blackjack...