Play Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold Series with American rules

Great casino action card hands with a nice round of blackjack hands. Try the Vegas Strip Blackjack gold Series table game for the perfect evening you might even tell your kids about one day. Just don't tell them how much you won, or didn't win...
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Single-handed 21 fun in Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold online

This isn't the one-horse town it used to be. Las Vegas is one of the biggest “little” cities on earth. The Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold Series casino game has the American rules to play by, with all the splits, double-downs, and insurance plays you can stand. Get to it.

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Not the same game of Blackjack your granny used to play, or is it? Perhaps she had some high times playing this along the Vegas Strip when she was a real swinging gal. Now get the same wild action in the Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold Series card game. Wager from 1 dollar up to a whole 200 bucks per hand in this single hand game. You may also double up on a bet when the deal is first laid-out or select the hit button to add an extra card without a double bet card play. If the hand requires insurance you are offered immediately.

This pays 2:1 for a win on your behalf. Dealer stands on all 17's before you are given a chance to hit on your cards. Any splits can be played with a single split for aces. Create up to 4 hands on any other splits with double downs allowed. As usual, any 21 hand is not considered a blackjack win, but still can win the round. Blackjack pays 3:2 on any stake played. If there's a tie between the dealer and player, it's a push and you keep your original wager.

Split these hands up to four times in one round, when splits come around. You can win some very impressive amounts while playing for keeps in this friendly game.
What are you waiting for? Blackjack doesn't get any better than this!