Another blackjack variant makes your way, Vegas Single Deck

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack by Microgaming isn’t any different at all to standard blackjack in how it is played. It does however permit players to win 3:2 payouts for blackjack, with insurance paying out at 2:1, standard wins at 1:1, and the dealer has to stand on a soft 17. It’s pays better than most other titles if you win, but the rules are the same.
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The Vegas Single Deck Blackjack table game by Microgaming – Better wins for the same old game

Microgaming likes to release blackjack table games, and Vegas Single Deck Blackjack is just another one of their many titles. Vegas Single Deck Blackjack isn’t really any different from any other blackjack variant and table game, except for the fact that only one deck of cards is used, and the wagers are paid out at better rates.

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As with most table games, the minimum wager to play a hand of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack is only 1.00, per hand; that figure can rise though to over 100.00 per hand, if players are going for the big killing.


The rules of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack are quite simple. Players must try and make 21 with the hands they are dealt, with the aces being either 1s or 11s, and the face cards being worth ten. All other cards are worth their numerical value. Should the player go over 21, then they are considered bust (out) and the game is over. If they beat the dealer, they win. Vegas Single Deck Blackjack really is as simple as that.

Time and time again, online software developers release blackjack title after blackjack title, and like this one, there isn’t much between them. This is standard blackjack, though using only a single deck. Aside from that, it is no different than any other blackjack game. If you’ve already got a blackjack game you like, you aren’t missing much.
Another blackjack title from Microgaming, little differs from the others