Fall down drunken spin wins in Vanilla Cocktail, 10000x bet!

Oddly enough Tom Cruise starred in Vanilla Sky and also Cocktail. While the name of this 5-reel is Vanilla Cocktail, he's not even aware of this rare fact. Big wins here aren't as rare so feel free to try the fun play before you strap yourself in for real. It's all-you-can-drink hour!
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Spin out of control with the scatter free spins round only in Vanilla Cocktail

Thats right, nearly every guy has slammed and talked trash over those so-called "chick drinks." Ever had a cosmopolitan, though? Eh, tough guy? When it comes down to it most of these drinks pack a real punch. The Vanilla Cocktails especially contain a high percentage worth 10,000x the stake you play.

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Ever had a Dirty Martini or Sex on the Beach, alright how about the girlie ones like the Pink Squirrel or Appletini? Whatever your poison happens to be you might not tell your straight friends what your favorite is when playing Vanilla Cocktails 5-reel.

How about stirring up the 9 paylines with your twisty straw that stretch the buck with only 10 cents per payline? Sure you can stake more, why would you? The better part of the jackpot combination is found from the symbol containing the pineapple express cocktail which can pay the 10,000 coin win when 5 of these grace the win line.

Spins are increased from a scatter babe who may have been slipped something else in her free drink by the look of it. This scatter can award free spins up to the top amount of 45 extra spins with multipliers added for each scatter collected. Hangovers are often the result of drinking heavily so keep the pace with responsible spinning. Have fun.

Just remember that Sammy Davis Jr. always loved his glass of Drambuie while joking around with his rat pack buddies. If that's not the original chic drink, then what else is?
The secret to never having a hangover is to stay drunk -- a bit of wisdom for you between spins of Vanilla Cocktails online slot...