Grab the garlic, pepper spray to play Vampires vs Werewolves horror slot

The perfect game you can really sink your teeth into. Especially when so many great chances are given. The special bonus dice game can rack up winnings for some impressive earnings as well.
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Vampires vs. Werewolves video slot -- With three scatters

If you’re tired of the whole Vampires and Werewolves thing, take notice of this totally new version that compels you to give it another try. Not only does this game offer over 37 thousand coins for a top jackpot, it can give you goosebumps for downright creepiness in these spins. Make this bite fight begin with your taste for bloody money! 3 fierce scatters give you even more to howl about.

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It’s not an easy task to bite your way through just 20 paylines here. Even though the starting wagers to play are as low as a couple pennies per payline. You can see some great returns in a short time if you like this kind of themed slot. First there are those pesky vampires and flea-bitten werewolves that make up the symbols. The one you’ll see the most is the neck-bitten chick who is the sub-symbol in this game.

The scatters here are actually 3 total. You have the vampire, the werewolf, and a combo of both of them together. Interestingly enough, the ones that have a cross symbol work together as well, so there are extra points awarded when you get them on the reels. The bonus round will start when you get the combo icon 3 times on reels 2, 3, and 4. You then go to another screen and play a sort of dice game. How scary huh? Well, in this game you can earn some huge credits while in this round.

Don’t lose your faith playing this slot especially with these wild vamps and wolf-like pups lurking around. With a jackpot as big as 37 grand, you will have to believe in the impossible!
Hang out with this fang-gang for some very big winning potential