Fairy tale treats in Unicorn Magic slot turn coins into golden wins

Stake a magic spell or two in the spins of Unicorn Magic 5-reel. If you like to play it big, this slot can support up to 50 bucks per line! Now that's some real magic if you win any win in this game. Watch out for the evil gamble game that is offered.
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Make a wish and play the Unicorn Magic 5-reel slot...

Forget the Grimm Brothers for a second, this is one magical forest that rocks the house! Featuring a whopping 450,000-coin jackpot for max stakes played, the Unicorn Magic slot can be a powerful tool for collecting marvelous magic wins. Free spins pay 3x more for any win!

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On the path you might take in any typical forest, you usually don't leave breadcrumbs to find it again. On this 5-reel slot, you'll certainly make notes how to come back later.

When starting the Unicorn Magic slot, all that's needed is stakes over the 9 paylines with any dollar up to 50 bucks per line. At the max wagers it can be costly, though a 450,000 jackpot win is mighty tempting when you think about it. The Unicorn is obviously the Wild sub-symbol for this game. Upon landing on a suitable combo it will pay double for that win.

It also serves as the jackpot win when 5 total are landed on a payline. The scatter also gives free spins when 3 or more of the Magic Forest symbols land on any line. The start of the round begins with 15 spins and an added 3x multiplier for any win connected in that round. It is allowed to land more spins in this bonus round for even more chances to score the Unicorn Magic.

Keep that belief alive in fairy tale magic when playing these reels. You never know when a miracle might just happen to appear in the form of a jackpot win.
Unicorn Magic online slot game: Now you know why they say "Stay on the path, check out this place!"