‘Mind the Gap’ between winning and losing in Underground Hi-Lo

Travel as far as the underground will take you from one pub to the next for higher casino coins the farther you go. Guess the correct number for the next door of the train, whether higher or lower, and take home up to 2520 coins by getting 5 of the numbers correct for each row.
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Underground Hi-Lo casino game -- Guessing game plus pub crawl

Starring Mel, the pub-drinking Londoner, Underground Hi-Lo Pub Crawl is a great hi-lo game with an underground theme going from Notting Hill to the Embankment. For every row you complete receive a multiplier comparable to that row. For example, a multiplier of 1 on the first row, a multiplier of 2 for the second, and so on. Travel from one train stop to the next through the London underground with a possible perfect play paying up to 2520 coins.

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Guess what the next door on the train will open to reveal, a higher or a lower number. For every correct guess move further down the train and if you get to the end of the row, take the underground to the next stop if you want to continue playing or else take your win. You are allowed one missed guess per row.

Ride on the back of the London underground train up the line in Underground Hi-Lo Pub Crawl game.
If a door of the underground reveals a 1 or 49, the lowest or highest possible numbers, then the next number is an automatic win.