TXS Hold 'Em: The king of poker games has gone professional

TXS Hold’em Pro Series really is a one of a kind release that specialises in good, old fashioned Texas Hold’em style poker game play. The table is specially designed for this, and the game involves the usual flop, turn, and river bets. The objective is to, of course, get a better than the dealer does!
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The TXS Hold’em Pro Series table game – Variant on popular game

If you love these kinds of poker games, then TXS Hold’em Pro Series is arguably one of the finest that you are ever going to come across. Yes, the TXS part is supposed to stand for Texas, and it has arguably been omitted to differentiate this release from other Texas Hold’em titles, and also possibly not to infringe the rights of the original game. But make no mistake; this title is still classic Texas Hold’em poker, through and through.

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In the standard game, players can choose from chip denominations that range from 1.00 up to 5.00 and 10.00. This gives the table a minimum acceptable wager of 1.00 per hand, and a max wager of 40.00 per hand, although low and high roller versions of this game are also available.

As with most Texas Hold’em games, the name of the game is poker. After placing your Ante bet, both the player and dealer are dealt two cards, after which you can call or fold. If you call, your bet is doubled in the call circle, and the three flop cards are dealt. You can then check or bet. Betting will cost you another wager, and another community card is added to the community cards. Finally, you must either bet or check one last time. If you bet, another wager is in, and a final card is dealt for the hand to be complete. Otherwise, you can check to see how things line up.

Any player that is familiar with how Texas Hold’em works should need to introduction to the world of TXS Hold’em Pro Series. However, if you are new, it is advised that you learn the rules first, or at the very least, start out on the low roller version of the game until you find your feet and understand the rules.
TXS Hold’Em Pro Series: The best of Texas Hold’em poker, with varying wagering tables