TXS Hold 'em Poker, Make a play for the top winning hand

Having a big hand in poker is always something special. However TXS Hold'em Poker from Net Entertainment makes the game full of those wicked twists and turns that keeps the game feeling like its real. Try it for fun or as little as a dollar per deal, you can't go wrong on that deal.
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Use the Turn when or sail down the river in TXS Hold 'em!

Wild and rowdy card games can't be wilder and rowdier than TXS Hold 'em Poker. It's rather the familiar brand of Texas Hold 'Em Poker you've seen before with a few bright twists. Play a hand for a buck up through 40 per hand. Your winnings will depend on the variations you use to extend the game.

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The game of TXS Hold 'em from NetEnt is not the usual you'll see anywhere else. Extra playing options such as Pre-flop, Flop, Turn, River, and Position will no doubt extend the game.

Now the specific points of this game are really all about having the best winning hand against the dealer. You'll need to be an experienced player in order to figure when to raise, fold, or call. Even new players to the game will find it easier to understand by viewing the payout chart for possible wins.

Indeed this game is full of surprises but not terribly hard to figure out if you read the additional game rules. Each hand can be played with just a dollar to Ante with the top wager being 40 dollars for those experienced pros. Even if you're not a pro, TXS hold 'em is nonetheless exciting as the real thing. Try it today for free and see if you like these kinds of poker thrills.

Just like that old wrinkled lizard Kenny Rogers sang, know when to hold 'em... TXS Hold 'em Poker is just about as tense as a cowboy hat full of rattlesnakes, you never know what will happen!
Forget 7-card stud, this is the original Texas Hold 'em!