Freak show overshadowed by freakishly big jackpot

How twisted is the Twisted Circus? So twisted it’s actually a carnival! No matter: the Twisted Circus online slot game is fun, colorful and comes replete with the promise of a 550,000-coin jackpot in the free spins round. Plus, if you dig on colorfully-rendered cleavage, this is your slot.
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Twisted Circus video slot – “243 Ways to Win” with 550,000-coin jackpot

Hails the promise from the ringleaders of The Twisted Circus: “Astonishing attractions and exotic exhibits lie in store” – like the babe wrapped by the snake, one assumes ... Actually packing more of a carnival theme than circus theme, top payout in this slot is 550,000 coins in the free spins round.

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Why “The *Twisted* Circus”, anyway? Perhaps because in actuality, this seems to be a carnival – after all, there’s a severe lack of animals in the Microgaming show. Additionally, there seems to be a lot more cleavage than at either traditional circus or carnival, as the ladies of the show from Siamese twins to magicians have no problem displaying the ol’ Barnum-and-Baileys.

In any case, The Twisted Circus is a “243 Ways to Win” game of the sort that Microgaming digs so much these days, meaning that any three matching symbols anywhere in the first three reels form a winning combination.

The number of coins that can be wagered on a single spin is frozen at 20, with the maximum possible jackpot payout 550,000 coins or $275,000. The three bonus symbols (which exist only in the right three columns) on a spin trigger the “Circus Match Bonus” round.

Deviating from the typical circus-themed online slot, Microgaming’s The Twisted Circus instead concentrates on carny types in a “243 Ways to Win” game with a jackpot of nearly $300,000.
Family Circus this online slot game sure ain’t…