The TV Show instant win game– Dice and multipliers are the order of the day

TV Show is a simple way to play an online dice game. It is one of many similarly themed games and contains a top non-progressive jackpot prize of 200 coins.
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Match dice in sets to win coins, in the TV Show instant win game

TV Show is yet another one of the many dice games created by this developer. The game is incredibly similar to the other instant win games with “TV” in the title. The biggest difference is that this game does not offer any progressive jackpots of any kind.

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With no progressive jackpots, you may be wondering if it is cheaper to play. It is not. The game will still cost you around 0.25 per game at its cheapest and it will set you back 5.00 per game, at its most expensive.

Like the other dice games from this developer, the objective is to match three or more identical dice in a 3x3 grid. There are four of these grids to aim for, so your chances of matching something are pretty decent. Multipliers do exist in this game and are awarded if a player lands a specific number of die in a winning combination.

Personally it is hard to see why you would play the TV Show game, because you could play TV Jackpot (which is essentially identical to this), although it has four progressive jackpots that you can win. You won’t even have to pay more per stake when you play it, although that is up to you.
This non-progressive dice game is fairly difficult to grasp but pretty easy to win.