Triple Wins online scratch card is minimalistic casino fun

Net Entertainment enters the online scratch card game with Triple Wins, a simple 50¢ distraction. Match three symbols to win, multiplied by a bonus multiplier.
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Triple Wins scratch card -- Instant win game to play for 50¢

A seriously no-frills online scratch card game developed by Net Entertainment, Triple Wins nevertheless has a few nice features, like the opportunity to choose your weapon with which to virtually scratch the card. Just over 50% of cards will return a prize.

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Triple Wins has a fixed price of 50¢ per card, so no wager is necessary. Hit BUY TICKET to begin play. When the new virtual card hits the screen, you can choose an implement -- a coin, bottle cap, car key or what appears to be a NetEnt-marked guitar pick -- to reveal the prize amounts in each box. Alternatively, just hit SCRATCH ALL to reveal everything.

To play the next card, simply hit BUY TICKET again. If you've run through 10 cards already or just feel like you're on a bad run and want to switch things up, select 10 NEW TICKETS.

Triple Wins is a simple game, though not without its charms. Enjoy Net Entertainment's contribution to the world of online scratch cards!
Scratch, scratch, scratch to your heart's content!