You’ve played Texas Hold ‘em, enjoy Triple Pocket Hold ‘em

Microgaming’s Triple Pocket Hold ‘em poker game is a new take on standard Hold ‘em poker. This original game offers the player three sets of hole cards, as the title suggests. Although not found everywhere, Triple Pocket Hold’em is attracting new players all the time.
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The Triple Pocket Hold ‘em table game by Microgaming – A new way to play poker

Microgaming’s Triple Pocket Hold ‘em is a very rare variant of Texas Hold’em. It isn’t incredibly popular, but that fact that Microgaming have chosen to create this in online format is key enough to whether or not this game will catch on in the long term. Triple Pocket Hold’em is practically Texas Hold ‘em, though with some changes.

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Like most table games, Triple Pocket Hold’em requires players to wager at least the table minimum stake, up to the maximum stake the table will permit, or anywhere in between. Again, like most table games, the range in-between is broad.

In Triple Pocket Hold’em, a 52 card deck is used. The player can then either keep their two hold cards, or trade them in for a new set. This can continue up to a third time (hence the name), when the final five community cards will be dealt. Once the player has his hand, they will either win or lose the game, like any other Hold ‘em game.

The problem with this table game is that it is simply too similar to the wide range of other Hold ‘em variants that are already out there on the market. The graphics are the same as Microgaming’s standard Hold ‘em games, so you have to wonder if it really should ever have been released as a new game?
It’s standard Hold ‘em with rule changes really, isn’t it?