Poof, it's magic! Try this online slot, see magical winnings appear

Even if Doug Henning had his magic powerful enough, he still couldn't crack the code to get the Triple Magic slot to pay on the first spin. Perhaps you can when you have that beginners luck touch. Try the 3-reel spins that give Wild subs and entertainment for hours.
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Triple Magic classic slot -- With jackpot payout worth 1600x stake

Yet another round in the race for magic tricks that can be produced in the 3-reel game of Triple Magic. Wager up to 2 coins (not 3?) for a jackpot worth 1600x the stake played. Now that is magical! And just imagine, this magic star is also a Wild symbol here also!

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In the case of most classic slot games, you put your money in and poof, it's gone! However, real 3-reel enthusiasts know how to charm the wins from these games. In the spins of Triple Magic, you don't have to play a 3rd coin at all. The winning spells start when anything lands in three. Especially this magic star. Employ the use of your stakes from a 25 cent wager up to a whole 5 dollars per coin. With two coins used you can better any win with double the pay.
Whenever a Star shows-up with two matching symbols, it will create the substitute win that pays double the amount! Land 2 of these stars and it pays 4x the pay. Now a triple Magic hit with 3 of these stars is the top win at 1600x the jackpot. If you've wagers 10 bucks per spin, that's some payday coming back to you! Get spinning with this magic now.

Sleight of hand, or just some tricky spins you can play using the Auto Spin settings. Now that's some powerful hands free magic you can have access to.
Triple Magic classic slot: Use magic words here or not, this game takes coins to work anything...