Beat the dealer with the best 3 cards in the deck with Tri-card Poker

Who says that you can’t play with fire from the start. You still have the option to play and see if you got what it taks to have a winning hand, got nothing and you can still go for the possible pair that may be a safer bet in this game.
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Tri-card poker game - Table game at online casinos by NYX

This is one of the few poker games that has risen to be a huge star in the casinos in the last 15 years. It’s actually 2 games in one but the main hand that the dealer deals to themselves is played last. This is why it’s such a thrill to play since you start with an Ante and then a bet when you see your hand revealed.

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Loads of high rollers lke this game since it came onto the gaming scene over 15 years ago. Usually called 3-hand poker, this game will set the limits of being in the game or giving up the goods for a hand that just might not hold any water. In the start of the game you throw-in an Ante or (base bet) and then you are dealt 3 cards as the dealer gets 3 cards all faced down. You get to look at your hand and if you have a strong hand then you place the actual bet. After that you see the dealers hand. If your hand beats the dealer you win but if it’s not you can drop out or (fold). You can also play the pair plus bet which is based on the pair that may be in your hand and this is also decent for making a half bet for a winning hand with pairs only.

Get ’em up high since this game is all about the winning thrills and chills you feel when you got the gusto to play with just 3 hands straight up!
Three cards are all you need to make the deal of a lifetime.