A simplistic triple card game comes your way in Tri Card Poker

Real Time Gaming’s Tri Card Poker is intended as a fast paced version of the game of poker. With only three cards, the best a player is ever going to land is a three of a kind, although flushes and straights are also possible in this simple title.
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Tri Card Poker: Basic gameplay with no previous knowledge required

Tri Card Poker has become rather popular of late, and this particular title is Real Time Gaming’s version of the poker variant. Set against a red table, Tri Card Poker allows players to play a very simple and fast paced game of poker, using only three cards. It isn’t as complex as Texas Hold’em and without many of the higher placed hands, there is a good chance the player will win in this game.

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Players have got chips worth 1.00, 5.00, 25.00, and 100.00 to play with. You can ignore the 500.00 chip unless you are playing a high roller version of the game, as 100.00 is the typical table limit for a maximum bet per hand.

Once the bet has been placed in the ante circle, and the three cards have been dealt, the player can choose what to do next. They can either raise the bet, or fold. If they raise the bet, they must place the same wager back into the raise circle as they did for the ante bet. If they win, they will win the raised and ante money back, plus the dealer’s stake.

There is a Pair Plus side bet possible in this poker game. When this bet is triggered, if the player has a pair in their trio of cards, they will win an additional payout. The dealer only qualifies with a queen or higher in this title, and a win pays out at a 1:1 rate.
A nice little 3-card poker game, with the Pairs Plus side game present...