You hand can win up to 100 to 1 with Trey Poker Pro payout odds.

Get the most out of three cards in Trey Poker Pro from Net Entertainment. There are playing options from split bets for pairs, and still get wins if the dealer doesn't qualify! Winning here can reach up to 100x the amount you wage even if it's just a dollar Ante!
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Every deal in Trey Poker Pro can result in a possible winning hand.

Still scratching your head about Trey Poker? Well stop it already and listen up! Trey Poker Pro is a game of 3-card poker. You play against the dealer. Even if the dealer qualifies you still win. Here you can win even money or up to 100x the stake for the best hand.

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If you like simple card games three card poker or Trey Poker as its' called is one of the easiest you can try. The whole game is based on the best hand based on just three cards. Net Entertainment has developed this fine version and there are some extra rules involved. Firstly the Ante is the base bet. You can play with a dollar or up to 40 dollars per round. After the Ante there is the Call, and this is where the fun starts. Both the dealer and the player will have their two cards showing which determines if the Dealer qualifies of not.
This is where the Dealer must have a Queen or higher. If they do not, the player will win instantly. If not they get compared for payouts to be determined. Wins can be even money or up to 100x the worth of your hand against the dealer. There is also a split bet if you get a pair in your cards you can play with for a second chance of winning against the dealer.

Your first deal might just be the winning hand in Trey Poker Pro. Whether you want to play it large with 40 bucks per hand or just a buck, Trey Poker is always a 3-card deal!
Pair-up when the chance comes around in Trey Poker Pro.