The Treasures of King Arthur provides reel returns for the reel player

An average looking game without the overdone animation and providing above average returns, any player looking for that Vegas excitement should go sword in hand to test their mettle on Treasures of King Arthur.
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Playing the Treasures of King Arthur entices the player with money, excitement and action

Although somewhat graphically challenged the Treasures of King Arthur more than makes up for this with its variety of original features and opportunity to make some serious money.  My first impression was one of disappointment as the game is not exactly pleasing to the eyes.  But after a few games and delving into its soul, King Arthur pulled me out of my funk just as he pulled the sword out of the stone.  A case of “don’t judge a book by its cover” this online game offers a steady stream of originality and content.

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Offering 20 paylines on a 5 reel slot and a maximum bet of 50,000 pounds please be advised to carefully select your bet as your day could be ruined with the stroke of a key.  Wait for merlin’s magic shuffle and see your symbols magically move around the reels to add another chance at winning. With 4 interactive bonus features, the gamer will kept busy with Merlin’s magic potion, the road to Excalibur trail and a few more exciting features.  

As the game continues and the progressive jackpot increases, players will increase their chances of winning when the red flag is shown on the road to Excalibur turret. For the big spenders a chance at the mystery jackpot will be awarded and will occur at the end of the game when all other prizes have been paid.
If you’re looking for an online game with bonuses and special features, my advice would be step into the realm of Arthur.