Risky business in the Treasure Tomb instant win game

Hungry to win some instant treasures in this creepy mummy tomb? Treasure Tomb instant win game makes it pretty tricky! Walk the right path to the Idol and win increasingly larger amounts for each right choice of steps chosen. Win a 10% bonus at the final payout!
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Treasure Tomb instant win game rounds

Even Indiana Jones might be hesitant to play this epic pitfall themed game. The Treasure Tomb instant win game rewards you for the right steps on the square floor. Each step pays a specific amount. A wrong move triggers a tomb related death.  Are your brave enough to play?

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Of the many dangers you’ll find in the Treasure Tomb instant win game, the only chance to survive is purely luck! The course of the game requires you to walk across the steps toward the Green-eyed Idol one step at a time. Each square increased a payment for choosing correctly. 

A wrong step triggers the attack of a giant spider, eye of Ra mummy, falling rocks, or a pesky poison dart savage. Annoying at times, you may not get off the first step without being killed. However for anyone lucky enough to reach the Idol in time, you can win an additional 10% bonus along with your collective winnings.

Each lucky step forward awards coins that fall from the mouth of the Idol. Stakes played in this game allow 5 cents per round (until you die of course), with gradual amounts worth up to 50 dollars for max stakes used. Not the easiest instant win game, but still worth demo fun anytime.

Treasure Tomb online instant win game makes a real killing for the wrong step. Move through this tomb correctly and win huge amounts for the right guesses.
Treasure Tomb instant win game rewards your correct and careful steps!