Get into the act of card counting with Top Trumps Tennis Classic

Just like a card game of chance, you’ll have 30 cards to pick the higher amount from to beat the dealers hand with. Top payouts for correct picks and exciting plays give this game a feel unlike any other tennis related game, without even playing tennis at all. Get the Trump card today!
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Top Trumps Tennis Classic - tennis themed online scratch card by OpenBet

Get ready to be the top player of tennis scratchers yet. This is quite an original game in the making. Not just anonther game you scratch-by with. Full of statistics in this game and you can win more than just one! Be the first to be a top trump in this version of tennis.

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You start with your basic bet, but instead of tennis that you play its all about picking the numbers that will beat the dealers hand. You have 30 cards to chose from. When you have picked the right number of cards that beat the dealer you win that hand. It’s a bit confusing at first but when you think about it too much it al comes down to which card you pick. The roll-over to the next round until you have the right card to beat the dealer. Once all 30 cards are revealed then the game is over but your winnings are calculated and the next game can begin. it’s wickedly genious how this game can be addicting even thoughits not about tennis much but then again, it’s all fun and games until you win loads of money. Great for those nights when you have the spirit of adventure at your side.

Let the cards be you guide with all the choices to be picked in this game that inspires some very impressive prizes. Be the Top Trump of this Tennis Classic.
You’ll always have a better hand at picking the winner.