Potentially massive wins in Tiki Madness 3-reel slots worth 10,000x!

The chance to play this slot game in a day or night setting is your choice in addition the totem wagers. Since it plays like a 3-reel slot, there are five lines given to increase the winning potential 4 times over. Free spins add-up the extra help to win more.
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Free spins given when the free spin Tiki lands on any Tiki Madness reel.

Fun and sun at the beach usually doesn't include creepy island curses. In case you've stepped into Tiki Madness however, the odds of playing day or night can still manage to bring out a 10,000x multiplier for the big wins here. It also awards the free spins at any time when the spin symbol arrives at this non-stop party!

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Imagine that Beach Blanket Bingo was never like this, when you consider the combinations to play this Tiki-themed slot. The theme fits well enough to be suited for some episode of Sponge Bob Squarepants, yet it's so much more than that. Tiki Madness is lined with 5 totems with 3 icons upon each totem. Luckily in this slot game each totem spins separate to the next in line. Bet your stake from 10 cents up to 10 bucks for each totem and let them spin!

They will spin independent of each other and combinations won't match for each other. A free spin symbol landed on any of them will give free spins for that totem only, though you can win up to 10 free spins! A turtle pays 200x, while a oyster with a pearl will pay 1000x the stakes. In order to get these you must have 3 of them on a totem in order to win that prize amount. The top pay here would be the Dolphin icon which is worth 10,000x the stake amount.

How far will you go to be on top of your game. In Tiki Madness, there isn't much you can lose with maximum jackpots worth 10,000x the stake! Let it all out and go crazy!
Top possible wins here can be as much as 100,000 bucks!